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10/6/2011 2:35:03 PM
3 confirmed, 4 reported dead in Syrian military crackdown near Turkey border

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9/14/2011 3:42:57 PM
Activists report a military sweep on half a dozen villages as Syrian state television announces a national dialogue to place next week in all provinces

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9/7/2011 12:17:34 PM
Intensive military assault on Syrian protest hotbed Homs lead to the death of 3 civilians, more reports of defections in army ranks

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8/29/2011 10:28:51 AM
A Syrian force surrounds a town near Homs after the defection of tens of soldiers from the area, activists and residents said

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8/28/2011 12:12:25 PM
Army defectors, who had refused to shoot at protesters and went into hiding, were caught in a gun battle with pro-Assad forces on the outskirts of Damascus, while the Syrian authorities continue to deny defections taking place

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5/19/2011 12:39:34 PM
Libyan foreign minister denies defection of Shokri Ghanem and members of Gaddafi's family

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4/3/2011 4:51:20 PM
Witnesses say Libyan deputy foreign minister Abdel-Ati Laabidi crossed to Tunisia in official Libyan vehicle under suspicion of forthcoming defection

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3/23/2011 2:11:48 PM
After the rejection of President Ali Saleh's offer to step down in January 2012, the opposition plans to march to the presidential palace on Friday to force him to step down

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3/22/2011 12:36:04 PM
The pressure mounts against Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down

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2/26/2011 5:06:44 PM
Gaddafi’s desperate outbursts of rage against Libyans is seen as a sign of weakness, according to diplomats, as army defections and condemnation by international human rights organizations increase the pressure

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