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Books -
4/29/2012 11:29:50 AM
Philosophers are supposed to have answers to the real-time questions of democracy in Egypt, but they could only talk about the origins of the term 2,500 years ago
World - Region
4/28/2012 5:58:58 PM
Iraqi leaders urge Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki to enhance the democratic process to find a solution to the month-long political crisis involving various politicians and parties
Egypt - Politics
4/28/2012 4:50:16 PM
The new Constitution Party, spearheaded by Mohamed ElBaradei, receives spectacular launch, aims to lay down new foundation for a 'proper' democratic transition and a representative constitution
Egypt - Politics
4/23/2012 5:56:27 PM
Eight US-based NGOs, including Carter Centre for Human Rights, were denied licences to operate in Egypt because their activities were found to 'violate state sovereignty'
Books -
4/23/2012 1:03:37 PM
The Supreme Council for Culture hosts discussion on democracy on Monday, 23 April, where the father of the Islamic left, Hassan Hanafi, will participate
World - Region
4/22/2012 7:28:20 PM
Charged with organising pro-democracy protests, eight Syrian activists will face military trials
World - International
4/19/2012 11:39:05 AM
International condemned Guinea-Bissau junta proposes two-year transition period to democracy
World - Region
4/7/2012 9:00:00 AM
UN chief Ban Ki-moon urges Syria to step up its crackdown against pro-democracy protesters along the year-long uprising as almost 80 people were killed across Syria
World - Region
4/5/2012 3:38:41 PM
Human rights activist Maryam Al-Khawaja says the clampdown on pro-democracy protestors continues in Bahrain as her father marks 56 days on hunger strike
World - International
4/1/2012 1:01:44 PM
Democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi wins her first elected office in a landmark election Sunday in Myanmar
Business - Economy
3/31/2012 6:37:54 PM
How far will money go in determining Egypt's next president? The law seems to be too flexible, but political orientation plays a major role in approaches adopted
Egypt - Politics
3/31/2012 3:24:08 PM
ElBaradei raises alarm about where the country is headed saying military and religious hegemony is not what Egypt's revolution aimed for
World - Region
3/31/2012 10:28:43 AM
Following the steps of Egypt, the UAE government closes the National Democratic Institute NGO office in Dubai
Business - Economy
3/29/2012 1:59:55 PM
Hillary Clinton has vowed the sum in an effort to support the country's transition to democracy, announces state media
World - Region
3/28/2012 10:57:27 AM
Discussing his latest book on the 'Arab Democratic Wave,' author Alvaro de Vasconcelos and several notable speakers say democracy and Islamist politics aren't necessarily mutually exclusive
World - Region
3/25/2012 6:31:28 PM
Moroccans demonstrate to commemorate Palestinian Land Day after call by the country's main Islamist party previously pulling out of pro-democracy movement
Opinion -
3/22/2012 4:07:07 PM
The Arab revolutions herald not only the inevitability of democratic rights in the Arab world, but also the end of the capacity of imperial powers to dictate to the Arabs their destiny
Business - Economy
3/17/2012 2:24:50 PM
While US aid to Egypt has already been approved by Congress, resumption of cash flow is subject to Clinton certifying Egyptian government supports democracy
World - Region
3/16/2012 3:45:31 PM
Witnesses say protesters clashed with riot police in Bahraini Shiite districts outside the capital Manama on the anniversary of the government crackdown on a pro-democracy uprising
World - Region
3/14/2012 1:05:57 PM
Bahrain rejected on Wednesday a new report by an international media watchdog describing the Gulf Arab state as an "enemy of the Internet" after it crushed a pro-democracy uprising last year
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