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Life & Style - Style
1/29/2012 10:19:34 PM
The Lebanese designer's vision this year as he revealed in the Paris fashion week are dreamy pastels from a garden of Eden where layers of flower-like materials cover up the body

Life & Style - Style
1/23/2012 12:17:35 PM
Highlights from the Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Arts & Culture - Music
1/17/2012 2:18:21 PM
Cairo Symphony Orchestra will play on 28 January in honour of Ziad Bakir, a graphic designer who lost his life during the January 25 Revolution

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
1/16/2012 4:31:00 PM
Starting Wednesday 18 January, the Hanager Art Centre will feature the work of the Cairo Opera House's graphic designer, Ziad Bakir, who was killed by security forces during a bloody crackdown on protesters

Life & Style - Style
1/16/2012 3:37:16 PM
For those who love the mysterious Leonard da Vinci; a luxury Italian brand produces only 99 handbags in calfskin and brass after a da Vinci sketch

Folk - Folk Arts
12/25/2011 3:09:34 PM
Nagi Shaker, the chief designer for Al-Leila Al-Kebira, Cairo's iconic marionette theatre musical of the 1960s, speaks about his life and work

Life & Style - Style
12/10/2011 3:42:40 PM
The launch of the 10,000 square metre Valentino virtual museum attracts some of the biggest stars in New York

Life & Style - Style
12/9/2011 4:52:37 PM
The Designers Boutique catalogue puts together some of Egypt's artisans and stores together to bring unique gifts and house ware to people's door; newest catalogue is just off the press

Life & Style - Style
12/1/2011 11:23:44 AM
Disaya's chiffon dress worn by Amy Winehouse sold for $68,000; double the pre-auction estimates

Life & Style - Style
12/1/2011 12:19:04 AM
The Marriott on the Ring Road will host Egypt's Italian Fashion Academy runway show on Sunday, 4 December

Life & Style - Style
11/29/2011 5:25:24 PM
Colombian design institute uses live plants - yes, live plants - in a competition-fashion show to stress the need to switch to sustainable materials, Ahram Online highlights innovators

Life & Style - Style
11/21/2011 6:10:45 PM
The American Music Awards this weekend saw stars like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez in some of their most elegant gowns... here's a look

Life & Style - Style
11/17/2011 1:27:24 PM
Designer Rossini and all the stars point to red: photo gallery of stars in red, including recent premieres

Life & Style - Style
11/12/2011 10:08:43 AM
H&M revealed their firstcollection in a big, star-studded fashion show in New York

Life & Style - Style
11/11/2011 10:18:52 PM
Versace created a line for H&M, which is set to launch it in stores this November

Life & Style -
11/9/2011 12:42:00 PM
Studio Emad Eddin Foundation will host Nermine Said’s costume design workshop; fashion designers or anyone who works in theatre should register by 13 November

Life & Style - Style
10/31/2011 6:03:38 PM
Master designers of home entertainment, Archimedia, invite you to experience a Halloween movie tonight and to experience how great your family room could be

Life & Style - Style
10/30/2011 4:06:06 PM
Twenty talented designers participated in the 'Wear Egyptian' fashion show today, evoking the essence of being a modern Egyptian

Life & Style - Style
10/29/2011 1:22:38 PM
Special people in your life deserve special gifts, and the last opportunity for a good deal on a unique gift is going on now at the Mountain View Compound

Life & Style - Style
10/25/2011 1:00:06 AM
The Dubai Fashion Week gives a break to two politically-minded new generation designers; one, a Libyan artist who highlights the war in her country and consumeristic waste internationally; the other, an Indian activist

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