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Egypt - Politics
9/8/2011 2:04:35 PM
Kuwaiti lawyers who stirred a controversy by volunteering to defend Egypt's former dictator say case is too Egypt-sensitive and quit

Egypt - Politics
9/7/2011 6:00:55 PM
In the ongoing trial of Egypt's ousted dictator, Mubarak, the court decides to admit testimony his ex-minister of defence and current head of Egypt's ruling military

Egypt - Politics
9/5/2011 7:00:00 PM
Third session of the trial of Egypt's former dictator begins, untelevised, as his supporters throw stones at families of martyrs outside of courtroom

Egypt - Politics
9/5/2011 6:42:21 PM
Many Egyptians played a role in Libya's uprising, and the Egyptian military seems anxious to be involved in the reconstruction of the country; so what will post-dictator relations between the two states look like?

Business - Economy
9/5/2011 3:55:55 PM
The Swiss Bankers Association is working with the government to give investors more legal certainty over asset seizure after some were alarmed by Swiss moves to freeze the accounts of ousted dictators, its head said on Monday

Egypt - Politics
9/4/2011 9:12:55 PM
After seeing former dictator Hosni Mubarak, his two sons and former interior minister in a cage while on trial, a court decision to block coverage left Egyptians wondering what will happen tomorrow

World - Region
8/31/2011 12:25:45 PM
Celebrations in Libya marking the end of Ramadan add to the fervour of those hailing Gaddafi's downfall as rebels close in on the fugitive dictator's Sirte stronghold

World - Region
8/28/2011 12:06:56 PM
As his forces stand accused of arbitrarily executing dozens of civilians as rebels moved into Tripoli, Gaddafi's spokesperson claims the fugitive dictator is prepared to negotiate with the rebels

Egypt - Politics
8/27/2011 1:48:49 PM
Political players in Egypt from Liberals to Islamists to Leftists support popular rebellions to topple Mubarak-type dictators, but differ in their outlook on implications for a new Arab world

World - Region
8/25/2011 4:25:51 PM
NATO intelligence and reconnaissance said to be used in the hunt to track down Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi

World - Region
8/24/2011 4:49:57 PM
Libya's transition council offer a bounty for Gaddafi and amnesty to members of his regime who capture or kill the fugitive dictator

Egypt - Politics
8/23/2011 11:42:47 AM
In a TV interview a member of Al-Gamaa’s Shura Council said revolutionaries should remember some of the positives of the 30-year autocratic regime, listing some of them

Multimedia -
8/22/2011 4:03:05 PM
Pictorial history of a dictator who loved to dress up

World - Region
8/22/2011 3:13:21 PM
A historic turn of events sees Tripoli fall and the Arab world's most eccentric dictator approaching his final hour. Ahram Online takes a brief glance back on a sordid life story

Egypt - Politics
8/15/2011 3:23:00 PM
Human rights lawyer Gamal Eid speaks with Ahram Online on foot-dragging and destruction of evidence by officials and the possibilities for a fair outcome in the trial against Egypt’s last pharaoh

World - International
8/9/2011 4:26:17 PM
Waves of unrest and violence could haunt the Nigeria once again as former dictator's assistant is brought to trial

Opinion -
8/6/2011 11:36:38 AM
The tipping point for successful revolution occurs when the army disobeys the dictator

Egypt - Politics
8/3/2011 10:14:52 AM
Pro and anti-Mubarak protesters face off violently outside of trial of former dictator

Sports - World
7/27/2011 8:59:20 PM
FIFA president Sepp Blatter denied he ran FIFA like a dictatorship on Wednesday but refused to make any comment on his former ally Mohamed bin Hammam, who was banned from soccer for life on Saturday on corruption charges

Sports - World
7/25/2011 1:07:57 PM
Mohamed bin Hammam says FIFA President Sepp Blatter acted like a “dictator” in giving him a life ban from football

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