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Egypt - Foreign Affairs
4/23/2023 7:38:42 PM
An Egyptian medical student in Sudan died on Sunday after suffering a health crisis, according to news reports.

Sports - Omni sports
4/22/2023 1:16:54 PM
The editor of German magazine Die Aktuelle has been sacked after using an artificial intelligence programme to generate fake quotes from seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher, the media group Funke announced.

World - Region
4/20/2023 11:52:18 AM
One man died and 47 people were rescued after a boat carrying migrants sank off southern Greece, the coast guard said Thursday.

World - International
4/18/2023 6:09:16 PM
Twenty-one people have died in a fire at a Beijing hospital that forced the evacuation of dozens of patients, Chinese state media reported.

Arts & Culture - Music
4/17/2023 8:57:43 PM
Ahmad Jamal, a towering and influential US pianist, composer and band leader whose career spanned more than seven decades and helped transform jazz, pop and hip-hop, has died at age 92.

World - Region
4/17/2023 12:28:20 PM
Nearly 100 civilians have died and hundreds wounded in ongoing battles between Sudan's regular army and a powerful paramilitary force after long-running bitter brinkmanship spilled into conflict.

World - Africa
4/16/2023 6:27:10 PM
At least 34 defence volunteers and six soldiers died in a suspected jihadist attack in insurgency-hit northern Burkina Faso, the regional governorate said on Sunday.

World - International
4/16/2023 1:13:25 PM
Four migrants and a suspected trafficker, all from Syria, died Saturday and six were others injured when their car collided head-on with another as it sped the wrong way on a major highway in Greece near the Turkish border, police said.

Life & Style - Style
4/15/2023 2:07:56 PM
Mary Quant, the visionary fashion designer whose colorful, sexy miniskirts epitomized London in the 1960s and influenced youth culture around the world, has died. She was 93.

Egypt - Courts & Law
4/12/2023 3:28:00 PM
Egypt's Public Prosecution ordered an autopsy on the body of a 42-year-old bank manager who died on Sunday – nearly six weeks after being attacked by his neighbour's Pit Bull – to determine the direct cause of death.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Entre nous
4/11/2023 8:58:31 PM
Khoshaf has significant nutritional value as it contains dates that quench the thirst as well as dried fruit that contain a great amount of the sugar and vitamins that the body needs after a long day of fasting.

World - Region
4/10/2023 3:09:30 PM
At least two migrants have died and about 20 others are missing after their boat sank over the weekend in the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Italy, German aid group ResQship said on Monday.

Arts & Culture - Screens
4/7/2023 1:13:45 PM
Sherine El-Tahan died in early hours of Friday at the age of 46 after a struggle with cancer.

Sports - World
4/4/2023 10:59:01 AM
Espanyol fired Diego Martínez and hired former player Luis García as its new coach on Monday.

Sports - World
4/3/2023 3:51:25 PM
Valladolid fired coach Jose 'Pacheta' Rojo on Monday while Espanyol confirmed they had axed their coach Diego Martinez.

Arts & Culture - Music
4/3/2023 2:04:10 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto, a world-renowned Japanese musician and actor who composed for Hollywood hits such as “The Last Emperor” and “The Revenant,” has died. He was 71.

World - International
3/31/2023 10:15:10 PM
Mexico’s president promised to visit hospitals treating injured migrants in the border city of Ciudad Juarez Friday, where 39 men died in a immigration detention center fire late Monday.

Sports - World
3/27/2023 10:46:55 PM
English football giants Manchester United will play a non-league Wrexham team owned by two Hollywood stars in a San Diego friendly on July 25, it was announced Monday.

Egypt - Society
3/23/2023 11:02:03 AM
Egypt bid farewell on Thursday to one of the most popular voices on Egyptian Radio.

World - International
3/21/2023 11:55:00 PM
A magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattled much of Pakistan and Afghanistan on Tuesday, sending panicked residents fleeing from homes and offices and frightening people even in remote villages. At least nine people died.

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