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Business - Tech
12/25/2023 9:06:50 PM
We lost Twitter and got X. We tried out Bluesky and Mastodon (well, some of us did). We fretted about AI bots and teen mental health. We cocooned in private chats and scrolled endlessly as we did in years past.

World - Region
12/16/2023 2:03:00 PM
Kuwait's Emir, the 86-year-old Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah, has died, state television reported Saturday.

Arts & Culture - Screens
12/16/2023 1:52:37 PM
Egyptian director Ahmed El-Badry died Friday at the age of 69 after a recent health crisis.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
12/12/2023 11:31:00 AM
The World Health Organization said Tuesday that a patient had died in an emergency convoy en route to a Gaza City hospital, during repeated and lengthy Israeli checks.

Sports - World
12/11/2023 11:35:05 AM
The Spanish league game between Granada and Athletic Bilbao was suspended Sunday after a fan suffered a cardiac arrest and died in the stands.

Arts & Culture - Screens
12/7/2023 10:05:03 PM
Syrian actor Saeed Abdel-Salam died in the early hours of Thursday following a long struggle with illness

Arts & Culture - Screens
12/7/2023 2:35:34 PM
Coming from a long lineage of renowned Egyptian artists, Nahed Farid Shawki passed away following a sudden health crisis on Tuesday at the age of 72.

Arts & Culture - Screens
12/3/2023 9:13:22 PM
Following a car accident on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, renowned Egyptian actor Ashraf Abdel-Ghafour has died after being transported to a hospital in 6th of October City.

Sports - World
12/3/2023 2:19:44 PM
A supporter from Nantes died on Saturday following a fight that took place before the club’s 1-0 win over Nice in the latest outbreak of violence to mar French soccer this season.

Arts & Culture - Screens
11/27/2023 10:11:07 PM
Egyptian actor Tarek Abdelaziz died suddenly on Sunday at the age of 55.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
11/17/2023 6:46:39 PM
10 fuel trucks carrying 150,000 litres of diesel entered the Gaza Strip from Egypt through the Rafah border crossing, Sky News Arabia reported on Friday.

Sports - Africa
11/11/2023 9:51:14 PM
Former Ghana striker Raphael Dwamena has died after collapsing Saturday during an Albanian Super League football match.

Business - Energy
11/3/2023 3:54:33 AM
The Ministry of Petroleum announced on Friday that it is raising fuel prices for various octanes while keeping diesel prices unchanged.

Arts & Culture - Screens
10/29/2023 10:43:52 AM
Matthew Perry, one of the stars of smash hit TV sitcom Friends, was found dead at his home Saturday, US media reported. He was 54.

World - Region
10/6/2023 3:06:29 PM
A Turkish soldier has died of injuries sustained in a rocket attack in Syria, the defence ministry said on Friday, Ankara's first fatality since it launched a wave of air strikes this week.

Arts & Culture - Screens
9/30/2023 9:10:16 PM
Ahmed Samy El-Adl, a Young Egyptian actor and director and the son of the late prominent actor and producer Samy El-Adl, died on Saturday morning due to sudden heart failure, his family announced.

World - Region
9/30/2023 5:25:18 PM
A fourth Bahraini soldier has died after an attack this week on his country's contingent in the Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen's Houthi rebels, the Gulf archipelago's army said.

Egypt - Society
9/29/2023 4:32:41 PM
Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a veteran Egyptian-American sociologist and democracy and human-rights advocate, died on Friday at the age of 85.

Arts & Culture - Screens
9/28/2023 8:25:23 PM
Celebrated British-Irish actor Michael Gambon, best known for playing Albus Dumbledore in six of the eight "Harry Potter" films, has died in hospital aged 82, his family announced Thursday, prompting a flood of tributes.

Arts & Culture - Screens
9/13/2023 9:36:58 PM
Egyptian actress Kariman Mohamed Salem - known as Kariman - died in the late hours of Tuesday. The prayers and funeral were held in Cairo on Wednesday.

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