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Egypt - Politics
10/10/2015 1:42:37 PM
The Independence list includes members of Doctors Without Rights and Tahrir Doctors, both activist groups that are pressuring the government for better national healthcare

Egypt - Politics
12/20/2013 2:07:33 PM
The first non-Brotherhood syndicate head in decades is a campaigner for doctors' rights and improved healthcare

Egypt - Politics
12/14/2013 7:16:29 PM
A non-Brotherhood coalition has reportedly won the majority of seats in the Doctors Syndicate mid-term elections, although pro-Brotherhood members blame the political situation for their apparent losses

Egypt - Politics
8/6/2013 3:06:53 PM
New health minister on Monday issued a ministerial order effectively banning physicians from striking

Egypt - Politics
10/18/2012 9:20:54 PM
After 10 days on strike with no progress in negotiations, Egypt's doctors call for Sunday protest in front of the Ministry of Health

Egypt - Politics
10/1/2012 9:35:25 PM
Doctors' groups claim that a majority of eligible doctors have joined the strike, but the Ministry of Health denies this

Egypt - Politics
8/15/2011 2:02:31 PM
Doctors will protest Tuesday at noon, enflamed over Egypt's minister of health statement that it's impossible to weed out all former regime members from health institutions

Egypt - Politics
4/5/2011 5:07:03 PM
Lack of agreement among doctors groups might set meeting back with Egypt’s PM Sharaf, causing Doctors Without Rights movement to consider a protest