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Al-Ahram Weekly - World
5/21/2024 8:35:03 PM
As investigations into the helicopter crash that killed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi earlier this week continue, any evidence of foul play could shift the country’s national security doctrines, writes Manal Lofty

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
2/13/2024 4:48:14 PM
While there has been cautious optimism at the prospect of a Biden Doctrine governing US policy in the Middle East, many crucial uncertainties remain, writes Abdel-Alim Mohamed

Egypt - Society
6/14/2023 8:59:57 PM
Sheikh Ahmed El-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, stated that the policies of global domination, materialist philosophies, and unethical economic doctrines were primarily responsible for the phenomenon of terrorism -- which Islam disavows.

World - War in Ukraine
12/10/2022 11:35:28 AM
President Vladimir Putin on Friday said Russia could amend its military doctrine by introducing the possibility of a preemptive strike to disarm an enemy, in an apparent reference to a nuclear attack.

War in Ukraine - Military
7/31/2022 3:30:15 PM
The United States' quest to dominate the oceans and NATO's expansion are the biggest threats facing Russia, according to a new Russian naval doctrine signed by President Vladimir Putin on Sunday.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
7/22/2022 2:22:00 PM
Last week’s tour of the Middle East by US President Joe Biden has opened up new opportunities as well as new challenges for the region.

War in Ukraine - Military
2/27/2022 8:46:41 PM
Sweden on Sunday announced it would break its doctrine of not sending arms to countries in active conflict and send military equipment, including anti-tank launchers, to Ukraine.

Opinion -
9/24/2021 8:38:10 PM
'The other reason for these frictions is the increasing so-called 'revolutionary' trend in Iran, which seeks to quickly find an ideological and partisan base in Yemen that believes in the doctrine of Welayat-el-Faqih'

Opinion -
4/15/2021 10:05:00 AM
Is the West really free of ideology

World - Region
8/23/2020 5:56:52 PM

World - Region
1/3/2020 6:54:19 PM
Since the day of his surprise election victory in 2016, Trump has signaled an end to what critics long derided as Washington's global 'policeman' role

Opinion -
8/1/2018 7:53:35 PM
For all the ire levied against him, Donald Trump is succeeding in making his mark on US foreign policy, overturning traditional doctrine in the process

Opinion -
3/1/2018 4:25:21 PM

Opinion -
12/19/2016 4:07:42 PM
The nature of the present environment and threats indicates a dire need for change in security approaches in Egypt

World - International
12/26/2014 3:51:13 PM

World - International
5/11/2014 12:13:07 PM

World - Region
2/22/2014 7:38:12 PM

World - Region
11/23/2013 11:28:46 AM

World - International
10/23/2013 7:31:44 PM
The human rights court found against Spain over its retroactive use of a legal doctrine that wiped out the time ETA and other convicts had earned from prison work

World - International
10/21/2013 6:16:36 PM
The court condemns Spain for retroactively applying a legal practice known as 'Parot doctrine' to extend time convicts spend in prison

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