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Sports - World
12/27/2011 7:22:11 PM
FIFA will not appeal a ruling by a Swiss court, clearing the way for the release of a document identifying soccer officials who took millions of dollars in kickbacks from World Cup broadcast deals

Business - Economy
12/23/2011 12:00:00 PM
South Sudan expects the local pound to rise further in 2012 after doubling supplies of dollars

Business - Economy
12/14/2011 1:58:29 PM
Central bank to auction $1 billion in one-year, dollar-denominated t-bills next week in effort to finance mounting budget deficit

Business - Economy
12/9/2011 4:26:13 PM
Despite recent turmoil in Egypt, the case involving millions of dollars of alleged ex-regime money frozen in Swiss banks appears to be making progress

Business - Economy
12/7/2011 6:35:44 PM
Investors shift their funds from Egypt, sending currency to weakest level since January 2005

Business - Economy
12/2/2011 12:38:50 PM
Near-continuous unrest since January's uprising has battered Egypt's currency, sparking debate over the least destructive ways for the central bank to slow its decline against the dollar

Business - Economy
12/1/2011 6:42:10 PM

World - International
12/1/2011 5:04:41 PM

Business - Economy
11/30/2011 3:48:31 PM
In hope of easing upward pressure on rising yields, finance ministry sells $1.53 billion in dollar-denominated T-bills on Tuesday

Business - Economy
11/27/2011 10:43:28 AM
Policy-makers and experts from some 160 countries will meet in South Korea this week to consider whether hundreds of billions of dollars in annual development aid are being well spent

Business - Economy
11/24/2011 3:17:53 PM

Business - Economy
11/23/2011 5:46:18 PM
The pound, which this week was already trading at its weakest since January 2005, was bid as low as 5.9994 against the dollar today, compared to 5.996 on Tuesday and 5.807 before the January uprising against Mubarak

Business - Economy
11/22/2011 4:38:16 PM
Traders say the pound could break through to LE6 to the dollar as investors run for cover

Business - Economy
11/20/2011 1:14:48 PM
South's negotiator says he has presented 'package proposal' to resolve issues about oil, financial assistance and border regions

World - Region
11/15/2011 3:46:53 PM
The accusations made by opposition MPs allege that the prime minister ordered the transfer of millions of dollars from public funds into private accounts held by him abroad

Business - Economy
11/13/2011 1:13:40 PM
The deal, undertaken by the Dubai based airline, is the single largest dollar-value order in Boeing's history

Business - Economy
11/5/2011 12:53:03 PM
Top oil majors and trading houses met Libyan oil officials in Istanbul this week for their first chance to win multi-billion dollar deals to supply fuel needed to keep the new government on its feet

Business - Economy
10/29/2011 2:34:55 PM
The chairman of the African Development Bank arrived this morning in Cairo to discuss a possible $1.4bn loan

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
10/28/2011 3:05:33 PM
During the two day Modern and Contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish Art auction organised by Christie's in Dubai, a painting by Mahmoud Said sold for over half a million dollars

Business - Economy
10/27/2011 1:13:26 PM

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