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Life & Style - Health
3/14/2011 3:56:57 PM
People taking low doses of aspirin to protect their heart may be at risk for stomach bleeding, and those taking both aspirin and other common drugs may have an even higher risk

Life & Style - Health
1/17/2011 1:54:23 PM
The FDA has ordered the lowering of key ingredients found in Vicodin, Percocet and other prescription painkillers that have been linked to thousands of cases of liver damage

Life & Style - Health
12/7/2010 10:20:35 PM
Taking low doses of aspirin can reduce the risk of many kinds of cancer, scientists said on Tuesday, and the evidence is strong enough to suggest people over 40 should take it daily as protection

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
12/2/2010 5:23:00 PM
Exhibiting paintings by Salwa Halim and Maged Bishara, the Art Corner gallery in Zamalek is infused with a dose of serenity; subtle colour and fine technique.

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