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World - Region
12/20/2012 4:37:13 PM

World - International
12/15/2012 5:38:55 PM
Turkish authorities sized more than 20 tonnes of marijuana belongs to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Part, whose main source of income is believed to be drug trafficking

World - Region
11/7/2012 10:03:00 AM
Iran authorities said it executed 10 people convicted in drug trafficking prompted expressions of concern from human rights groups

World - Region
10/23/2012 8:41:13 PM
UN Special Rapporteurs on human rights condemn the executing of ten Iranian men accused of drug trafficking in Tehran

Egypt - Politics
9/26/2012 2:55:24 PM
In the third hearing of the trial of Egyptian lawyer Ahmed Al-Gizawi, Saudi customs agents agents testified that they had found drugs with the Egyptian lawyer

Egypt - Politics
9/19/2012 7:26:46 PM
Group of 20, mostly Nigerian, foreign jail inmates issue desperate plea for release after more than decade languishing in Egypt's penal system

World - Region
4/18/2012 1:08:15 PM
Iran on Wednesday welcomed Saudi Arabia suspending death sentences against several of its nationals convicted for drug trafficking

World - Region
9/10/2011 12:01:40 PM
Two drug traffickers on a death sentence were hung on Saturday, putting their death penalty tally at 186, although rights groups say it is much higher

World - Region
7/4/2011 3:06:16 PM
In a second trial opening Monday, the ousted Tunisian president is charged with harbouring drugs and weapons in his palace as well as drug trafficking

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