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Egypt - Foreign Affairs
6/7/2023 10:48:14 PM
The speaker of the House of Representatives Hanafy El-Gebaly stressed that Egypt and Jordan will continue to work together to achieve economic integration among Arab countries and at the same time find solutions for regional problems, particularly the Palestinian cause.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
6/6/2023 10:50:00 PM
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi will start on Tuesday an Africa tour that includes Angola, Zambia and Mozambique to strengthen relations with these countries as well as push economic integration on the continental level.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
9/18/2022 6:22:24 PM
Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has stressed that ongoing global developments and challenges require the Arab world to accelerate towards achieving Arab economic integration and activating joint Arab work.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
7/22/2022 2:38:00 PM
Israel’s attempts to bring about its economic integration into the region are likely to fail in the face of Arab opposition.

Opinion -
3/23/2021 8:18:50 PM
Formed 30 years ago to promote economic integration in the South American region, the Southern Common Market of MERCOSUR is developing its Free Trade Agreement with Egypt

Egypt - Politics
2/8/2021 3:22:31 PM
They discussed means to boost these relations towards achieving economic integration and mutual benefits for the peoples of the three countries

Opinion -
6/18/2020 5:02:00 PM
African economic integration is expected to take a major step forward with the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area next month

Al-Ahram Weekly - Interviews
1/24/2020 6:00:00 PM
Secretary-General of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa Chileshe Kapwepwe talks about the organisation’s efforts to deepen African economic integration to Mona Sewilam

Business - Economy
8/29/2019 4:42:49 PM

Egypt - Politics
8/19/2019 6:17:53 PM

Egypt - Politics
9/9/2014 9:03:51 PM
Egypt's foreign ministry spokesperson stresses that Halayeb and Shalateen are two Egyptian cities when addressing Egyptian-Sudanese plan for economic integration zone

Business - Economy
1/21/2013 5:25:54 PM
President Morsi heads up Egyptian delegation to 3rd round of Arab Economic Development Forum; Development prospects, regional economic integration expected to top agenda

World - International
5/8/2011 12:37:07 PM
Southeast Asian leaders made little headway Sunday in helping Thailand and Cambodia end a deadly border dispute that could undermine peace and stability in the region as it pushes for economic integration

Business - Region
1/6/2011 8:22:40 PM
A Jordanian official has said that Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are moving closer to economic integration