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World - Region
9/6/2011 10:36:40 PM
Arab League Secretary General Nabil El-Arabi will not be going to Damascus on Wednesday as scheduled, after the Syrian leadership found his statements offensive

World - Region
9/5/2011 6:04:50 PM
Arab League chief will discuss the situation in Syria

World - Region
9/5/2011 5:44:45 PM

World - Region
8/28/2011 2:54:35 PM
A recent ministerial-level Arab League meeting tiptoed around Syria, whose representative threatened that Secretary-General El-Arabi would not be received if his visit comes with warnings

Egypt - Politics
8/18/2011 4:10:28 PM
With the Egyptian-Israeli gas deal under fire in court and outside, and as Egypt raises it military presence in Sinai, diplomats say the expected tension in relations between the two countries has not been forthcoming

World - Region
8/10/2011 3:25:41 PM
Iranian official delivers invitation to Nabil El-Arabi and emphasises the importance of close Egyptian-Iranian ties and a resolution of the 'situation' in Syria

World - Region
8/8/2011 5:15:56 PM
Arab League Secretary-General Nabil El-Arabi calls for steps to be taken to pave the way for the desired political change in Syria

World - Region
7/19/2011 4:08:06 PM
Arab League Secretary-General Nabil El-Arabi calls for support for those affected by Somali drought

Egypt - Politics
7/18/2011 11:18:35 AM
Former Egyptian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Mohamed Kamel has been appointed as the new foreign minister

Egypt - Politics
7/17/2011 11:19:49 AM
After less than a month in office, Mohamed El-Orabi steps down as foreign minister 'out of respect for Egypt's revolution'

World - Region
7/14/2011 2:32:27 PM
In Syria, one Assad is digging the grave of another – and possibly of the whole regime, say foreign diplomats and analysts

World - Region
7/13/2011 8:11:01 PM
New Arab League chief Nabil El-Arabi says no one but the Syrian people can say President Bashar Al-Assad has lost legitimacy

Sports - Africa
7/13/2011 1:43:48 PM
After starring with French club Caen, Youssef El-Arabi heads to Saudi Arabia's Al-Hilal

World - Region
6/23/2011 6:40:59 PM
Handing off to Nabil Al-Arabi, Amr Moussa prepares for his bid for the Egyptian presidency, though an internet poll put him behind

Egypt - Politics
6/19/2011 7:05:15 PM
Egypt's new foreign minister, replacing Nabil El-Arabi, is a career diplomat whose name is associated with hard work and a low profile

Opinion -
6/13/2011 6:08:24 PM
In place of the old policies which were designed to safeguard the regime's interests, new approaches to the Palestinian question and other regional issues are being drawn up that will reflect Egypt's new voice

Books -
6/13/2011 3:59:32 PM
A new book penned by Magdi Hussein during his time in prison offers a history of Egypt for younger generations

Business - Economy
6/5/2011 6:14:41 PM
Institutions on a bullish trend, while Arab investors encouraged to buy following delay in resumed Iranian-Egyptian relations

Egypt -
5/31/2011 6:21:33 PM
El-Arabi to discuss cooperation between Egypt and both North and South Sudan, and the tensions over Abyei

World - Region
5/31/2011 3:40:43 PM
As Tehran tries to underplay the expulsion of one of its diplomats from Cairo, an Egyptian analyst says the incident is a deliberate attempt to subvert Foreign Minister El-Arabi's plans to restore ties

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