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Business - Economy
8/26/2021 1:56:59 PM
On the sector’s throughput, El-Said stated that it is planned to rise by 9 percent in FY2021/22 to record EGP 113 billion, up from the EGP 103.5 billion recorded in FY2020/21

Business - Economy
6/16/2021 7:16:13 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/17/2020 8:31:46 PM
The electricity sector’s losses accounted for around EGP 400 million, with transportation suffering EGP 100 million in losses

Business - Economy
12/30/2019 11:15:00 AM
Bida made the comments during the opening session of the annual Al-Ahram energy conference, which kicked off on Sunday

Egypt - El-Sisi s Balance Sheet
2/15/2018 8:52:57 PM
The electricity sector has come a long way over the past four years

Egypt - Politics
6/9/2015 9:35:09 AM
Egypt is trying to boost its electricity sector through energy deals

Business - Economy
12/28/2014 3:25:27 PM
Power generation still largely reliant on petrol fuels in a country which still heavily subsidises them

Business - Economy
9/21/2014 7:59:06 PM
Gas exports drop sharply year-on-year in July, with the domestic electricity sector upping its consumption of total natural gas production

Egypt - Politics
9/6/2014 1:32:46 PM
Egyptian president says the country needs LE130 billion to develop its electricity sector

Business - Economy
9/23/2012 12:43:31 PM
Restructuring of Kingdom's power sector will carve up its sole electricity provider into four smaller companies, says local newspaper report

Business - Markets
11/13/2010 2:01:43 PM
The Ministry of Electricity signed a financial assistance package with the European Investment Bank to improve the electricity sector in Egypt.