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Egypt - Politics
5/23/2013 7:30:38 PM
More than 200 Egyptian expatriates in Libya are abruptly deported after Libyan authorities accuse them of entering country illegally; others accused of carrying Hepatitis C virus

World - Region
5/14/2013 2:40:00 PM
The Iraqi government announced that the arrival of some 2000 PKK fighters to its lands as part of a peace-drive to end fighting in Turkey violates the country's sovereignty

Multimedia -
4/28/2013 7:37:25 PM
Egypt's Coptic-Christian community celebrates Palm Sunday, symbolised by the palm frond, commemorating Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem

World - Region
4/10/2013 2:21:58 PM
The two Moroccan MPs arrived without coordinating their visit in advance, Israel claims

World - Region
2/12/2013 5:39:01 PM
Iranian foreign ministry says that it may allow UN nuclear inspectors entry if there is agreement on its right to peaceful nuclear power

World - Region
1/27/2013 4:41:29 PM
Executive orders will be issued to facilitate entry of Syrian opposition members as President Bashar al-Assad proposes national dialogue with all forces who are not 'slaves of the West'

Sports - Omni Sports
12/20/2012 7:07:01 PM
New York City Marathon runners can receive a refund of their entry fee after this year's race was canceled because of Superstorm Sandy

Egypt - Politics
12/16/2012 9:21:59 PM
Supporters of President Morsi camped at the High Constitutional Court since last week prevent Maher El-Beheiry from entering the premises

Sports - World
11/15/2012 3:12:33 PM
FIFA says it will not add Zlatan Ibrahimovic's astonishing overhead kick goal against England as a late entry to be selected as the best goal in 2012

Business - Economy
10/15/2012 6:58:20 PM
In effort to boost trade between two countries, Turkey announces plans to grant Egyptian businessmen entry visas for five-year periods

World - Region
10/2/2012 4:02:26 PM
Iraq's cabinet calls for abrogation of peace treaties permitting foreign forces in Iraq, as cabinet decides to reject presence of foreign bases on Iraqi soil and the entry of any foreign military forces onto its territory

Egypt - Politics
8/28/2012 6:35:49 PM
In open letter to President Morsi, prominent Bahraini activist Miriam Al-Khawaja – denied entry into Egypt Sunday – accuses Cairo airport officials of blatant 'intimidation'

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2012 3:35:04 PM
Cairo will facilitate the entry of Palestinians to Egypt, but will not entirely remove regulations, political officials tell Ahram Online

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2012 1:36:21 PM
A source at Cairo International Airport denies news reports that Egypt has started allowing Palestinians free entry into the country

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2012 11:45:31 AM
As of Monday, Palestinians are allowed permit-free entry into Egyptian land, according to the Associated Press, but no formal announcement issued by the government

Business - Economy
7/10/2012 11:53:59 AM
Deputies are divided on entry into the global trade organisation; some say it will boost the country's productivity, others claim it will kill industry and create unemployment

Egypt - First 100 days
7/9/2012 12:48:19 PM
Following Morsi's presidential decree reinstating Egypt's parliament, security forces allow MPs into the building after almost a month preventing them from entry

London 2012 - News
5/30/2012 3:14:00 PM
British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told the BBC this week that Syrian delegation members with connections to the regime of President Bashar Assad will be denied entry

World - International
5/25/2012 3:37:33 PM
A top UN official says African Union and Somali troops expect to achieve a 'military breakthrough' against Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab fighters, who control entry and exits to the capital, Mogadishu

World - Region
5/1/2012 12:45:36 PM
Bahrain authorities denies entry visa for a member of the EU parliament; Shiite opposition group, Al-Wefaq condemned the action saying it is an attempt by the ruling regime to hide the real situations of the Bahraini prisoner

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