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War in Ukraine - Diplomacy
7/6/2022 10:06:20 AM
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday that the publication of a call between President Emmanuel Macron and Russian leader Vladimir Putin was a breach of "diplomatic etiquette".

Al-Ahram Weekly - Living
5/31/2022 10:30:53 PM
An Egyptian etiquette expert is giving lessons on how to behave well in different situations

Al-Ahram Weekly - Living
2/2/2020 12:02:00 PM
A series of books teaching children essential social skills has finally made it into print

Life & Style - Style
6/22/2015 1:17:27 PM
Pamela Eyring, owner and president of The Protocol School of Washington, speaks up about respect and etiquette in a shared workplace

Life & Style - Style
5/6/2014 9:56:20 AM
An expert offers the basic rules of Etiquette regarding attire, hygiene, and grooming at the place of work.