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Arts & Culture - Visual Art
9/1/2012 3:14:10 PM
Silence of the Night, a solo exhibition by artist Reza Derakshani featuring 10 sand paintings and an installation, opens 6 September at the Leila Heller Gallery in New York

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/29/2012 6:52:38 PM
Vienna hosts artwork from the Middle East and North Africa in September exhibition

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/23/2012 2:47:29 PM
Zamalek's Gallery Misr will exhibit work by a range of up-and-coming local artists until mid-September

Timeout - Galleries
8/21/2012 2:57:44 PM
Collective Summer Exhibition

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/18/2012 1:39:26 PM
Modern and contemporary art is featured in Summer Collective Exhibition, now at Safarkhan Gallery in Cairo

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/17/2012 11:24:58 PM
The Grammy Museum unveiled a tribute to Whitney Houston on Wednesday, put together by family members to celebrate the late pop star's career

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/17/2012 12:01:19 PM
'Eclectica from Hackney and the World' held at the Espacio gallery in London celebrates cultural diversity

Sports - World
8/15/2012 11:43:04 PM
Lionel Messi scored one goal and missed a penalty kick as Argentina beat Germany 3-1 in an exhibition Wednesday night, a rematch of the Germans' 4-0 win in the 2010 World Cup quarterfinals.

Heritage - Coptic
8/15/2012 3:18:00 PM
Abbasiya Cathedral hosts exhibition charting life of Coptic Christian Pope Shenouda III, who died in March 2012

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/11/2012 12:00:00 AM
The Zamalek Art Gallery’s summer collective marks their 10th ‘Masterpieces’ exhibition

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/8/2012 10:29:39 PM
San Diego artist Bob Medina presents his take on Egypt in his exhibition 'Where You From? A Collection of Sights and Sounds from Alexandria,' which runs until 12 August at a California gallery

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/31/2012 5:50:12 PM
Hëy’Ya meaning let's go in Arabic, is the title of an exhibition held at Sotheby’s, London from 25 July till 11 August 2012. The exhibition will be also on display at QMA gallery; Doha at the beginning of next year

Sports - World
7/25/2012 9:34:06 PM
Lionel Messi's absence from Barcelona's exhibition at Hamburg because of a right leg injury cost the club more than just a game from the world's best player.

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/25/2012 4:08:12 PM
Egyptian singer Ratiba Hefni to perform concert at newly reopened Abdeliya Palace following attack in June by Salafists who objected to depiction of Islamic themes in contemporary art exhibition

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/23/2012 1:59:27 PM
Featuring 34 artists, 'Arab Express: The Latest Art from the Arab World' is a diverse exhibition that reveals contemporary Arab culture to a Japanese audience

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/23/2012 12:00:00 AM
Ahram Online talks to Fumio Nanjo, Mori Art Museum curator running the exhibition about breaking stereotypes and forging dialogue between the Far East and the Arab World

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/11/2012 12:00:00 AM
Ahram Online recommends this weekend's top culture events (12-15 July), including summer festival at the Cairo Opera House, films screenings, poetry and exhibitions, across many venues in Cairo and Alexandria

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/8/2012 3:50:16 PM
A visual art exhibition will open Tuesday 10 July capturing the life of Egyptian political figure Saad Zaghloul

Life & Style - Style
7/7/2012 6:44:08 PM
An exhibition in London's Barbican Centre opens with Bond film memorabilia, revealing how the spy films influenced pop culture and fashion

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/7/2012 4:44:21 PM
British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum will receive funds to develop their collection of Middle Eastern photography and art for exhibitions opening in November

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