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Al-Ahram Weekly - World
2/7/2024 7:31:27 PM
Israel is exploiting the Gaza war to intensify its settlement building on the West Bank in contravention of international law, writes Monjed Jadou in Ramallah.

Egypt - Defence
1/24/2024 5:04:12 PM
Egyptian Minister of Interior Mahmoud Tawfik warned that terrorist groups are exploiting the current situation in the region and the world to rebuild their capabilities and stage new attacks.

Business - Markets & Companies
1/17/2024 10:49:22 PM
The Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority (EMRA) has inked a deal with the Canadian-based company Aton Resources to begin exploiting the gold ore and associated minerals in the Abu Marwat region of the Eastern Desert, according to a ministerial statement on Wednesday.

Sports - World
12/31/2023 5:57:11 PM
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed opposition parties for “exploiting” a dispute between two Turkish football clubs and Saudi officials.

Business - Energy
10/23/2022 12:57:30 PM
Demarcating maritime borders in the Mediterranean and Red seas were critical to exploiting the Zohr gas field, which kept Egypt from going dark due to electrical shortages, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on Sunday.

World - Region
9/19/2022 6:20:44 PM
Cyprus and Israel agreed Monday to resolve speedily a long-running dispute on exploiting a natural gas reservoir that straddles the maritime boundaries of both countries, energy ministers said.

War in Ukraine - Military
9/11/2022 10:40:17 AM
Ukrainian forces on Sunday pushed its counteroffensive in the country's east, exploiting quick gains they made in a week of fighting that has sharply changed the course of the conflict.

World - Region
12/1/2021 5:20:40 PM
The EU appealed to Arab states Wednesday for closer cooperation against traffickers exploiting migrants trying to reach its shores, warning that the same networks were peddling arms and narcotics.

Egypt - Courts & Law
9/13/2021 11:08:13 AM
The two men are facing charges of exploiting religion to promote extremist ideas and sow discord

Egypt - Politics
9/18/2020 7:08:34 PM
They were arrested on Thursday for investigation on charges of exploiting their child to gain money

Books - News
2/3/2020 6:45:23 PM
author Jeanine Cummins found herself at the heart of a cultural maelstrom, accused by some of exploiting the tragedy of Mexican migrants in a US election year

World - Region
1/27/2020 10:31:52 AM

World - Africa
6/20/2018 4:26:41 PM

Egypt - Politics
12/8/2017 2:54:18 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/8/2017 5:49:56 PM

Egypt - Politics
9/18/2016 8:36:12 PM

World - Region
7/21/2016 6:45:57 PM

World - Region
7/1/2016 12:35:25 PM

World - Region
6/17/2014 9:01:38 PM

World - Region
10/20/2013 7:53:06 PM
Tunisia's prime minister points to a 'relation' between Islamist militants in Tunisia and Libya, saying Ansar Al-Sharia fighters get training in the neighbouring country

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