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World - Region
10/5/2013 3:20:35 PM
Israeli settlers destroy 129 Palestinian farmers' olive trees on Saturday as this year's olive harvest begins

Business - Economy
10/3/2013 5:11:21 PM
Retailers complain recently introduced price controls on fruits and vegetables don’t take into account volatile nature of Egyptian agriculture

Egypt - Politics
9/24/2013 6:44:52 PM
Interim president appoints new farmers' representative following death of Mohamed Abdel-Kader

Egypt - Politics
9/21/2013 6:08:01 PM
Head of the farmers' syndicate Mohamed Abdel-Qader died in a car accident on Saturday

Business - Economy
8/4/2013 10:19:21 PM
Finance ministry says govt is showing support to small-scale farmers by pledging LE473.2 mn in current fiscal year 2013/14

World - Region
7/18/2013 2:25:46 PM
String of bombings across Iraq leave six dead, bringing number killed in July to 430

World - International
6/1/2013 5:10:04 PM
Traumatised by droughts and a struggling economy, Indians cheer the timely arrival of monsoon season and good rain forecasts

Life & Style - Health
5/29/2013 1:27:36 PM
People exposed to certain commonly used pesticides are at higher risk of Parkinson's disease, researchers say

Egypt - Politics
5/1/2013 5:19:54 PM
Forty-seven years since death of farmers' rights advocate Salah Hussein, farmers in Egypt's village of Kamshish honour his legacy

Business - Economy
4/16/2013 12:05:00 AM
Squeezed between rising diesel costs and fixed government pricing, Egypt's wheat farmers are seeing their profit margins shrink, with some looking to other – potentially more lucrative – crops

Opinion -
3/7/2013 4:34:32 PM
Egypt exports strawberries and grapes, but imports wheat and beans. There can never be social justice until the country produces enough wheat and without a revolution in Egypt’s agricultural policies to serve small-scale farmers

World - Region
3/1/2013 1:53:47 PM
Palestinian medical office says three farmers were wounded after Israel launched a military attack near Gaza border

Egypt - Politics
2/26/2013 9:34:44 PM
With swarms of locusts currently en route to Egypt's fertile Nile Delta, assessments vary regarding potential threat to this year's agricultural crops

Business - Economy
2/11/2013 11:44:07 AM
Framing associations in Greece, protest austerity measure by blocking highways

World - International
1/10/2013 12:31:19 PM
Clashes in South Africa's second most populous city continue for a second day between riot police and farmers demanding better pay

World - International
1/9/2013 7:26:53 PM
Demonstration by thousands of striking South African farm workers in the Western Cape region turns violent; police use rubber bullets and teargas to disperse protesters

Business - Economy
11/26/2012 2:02:21 PM
Small farmers complain of not benefiting from President Mohamed Morsi's promise to cancel all farmers' debts under LE10,000

Egypt - Politics
11/20/2012 5:02:11 PM
Syndicates join other political forces in withdrawing from constitution-drafting body which they accuse of ignoring recommendations regarding media freedom

Egypt - Politics
11/11/2012 8:32:33 PM
The labour representative in the Constituent Assembly has threatened to mobilise against the new constitution if the present 50 pct parliament quota for workers and farmers is annulled

Egypt - Politics
10/31/2012 6:35:53 PM
Commercial Workers' Syndicate release joint-statement, Wednesday, condemning draft charter for omitting their 50 per cent seat quota in parliament

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