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Life & Style - Health
9/2/2012 12:13:37 PM
A recent US study finds softer music and lighting in restaurants can help diners consume fewer calories, while leaving customers 'more satisfied and happier'

Business - Economy
4/28/2012 12:01:45 PM
Fast-food giant is ordered to pay massive compensation after one of its chicken wraps left a 7-year-old girl with permanent brain damage

Life & Style - Food
12/2/2011 6:19:40 PM
Grass-roots European initiative takes aim at EU's Common Agricultural Policy, controversial blueprint for subsidising industrial agriculture

Business - Economy
4/18/2011 12:53:30 PM
KFC, Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee are among the outlets closed until Thursday as Americana Group mourns the loss of its owner, Kuwaiti tycoon Nasser Al-Kharifi

Egypt - Politics
11/28/2010 1:18:00 PM
Who eats lunch from where is a sensitive issue on elections day

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