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Antiquities - Islamic
4/23/2020 12:48:00 PM
With the advent of Ramadan, Ahram Online takes this opportunity to remind us of the essence of the holy month and what makes it priceless

Egypt - Politics
4/7/2020 6:00:06 PM
There is no scientific evidence yet of a link between fasting and contracting the virus, the committee said

Egypt - Politics
5/8/2019 6:12:34 PM
Between fasting and feasting Ramadan offers both challenges and opportunities

Life & Style - Food
12/19/2018 12:27:02 PM
ElTouny Fish Restaurant in the heart of Heliopolis is sure to satisfy those who are fasting for Advent, and those just after simple, good food

WorldCup2018 - News
6/12/2018 1:49:45 PM

Multimedia -
6/4/2018 2:51:30 PM
Foul, salad, and french fries with lots of water help Egyptians prepare for fasting from sunrise to sunset during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan

Sports - National Teams
5/24/2018 5:56:14 PM

Multimedia -
5/24/2018 1:38:28 PM

Egypt - Politics
5/15/2018 7:54:27 PM

Multimedia -
5/3/2018 4:57:43 PM
Decorative Ramadan lanterns, mugs, stickers and toys bearing the image of Liverpool's Egyptian forward soccer player Mohamed Salah are prominent at a Cairo market before the beginning of the holy fasting month

Life & Style - Food
11/27/2017 12:44:23 PM
The austerity, suffering and occasional joy of Coptic fasting cuisine, courtesy of Charles Akl

Life & Style - Food
3/24/2017 11:31:09 AM
A good sandwich is a beautiful thing. Whether you're a meat fiend or fasting for Lent, these joints have something to tempt the taste buds

World - International
10/9/2016 4:41:05 PM

Multimedia -
7/6/2016 5:26:40 PM
Egyptians try to catch balloons released after Eid al-Fitr prayers, marking the end of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan outside Al-Seddik Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, Wednesday, 6 July, 2016. (AP)

World - Region
7/4/2016 10:16:00 PM

Egypt - Politics
7/4/2016 9:23:39 PM
Eid Al-Fitr is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan

World - Region
6/19/2016 4:06:54 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/18/2016 12:34:15 PM
Fasting hours will reach a high of 15 hours and 52 minutes; Ramadan to last 30 days

Egypt - Politics
6/11/2016 6:25:31 PM
Water outages have been seen in several governorates, including Giza, Aswan and New Valley

Egypt - Politics
6/9/2016 7:29:30 PM

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