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World - Region
5/2/2011 12:20:37 PM
Syrian authorities demand protesters to surrender by 15 May and continue massive arrests and shootings despite the lifting of state of emergency

Business - Economy
5/1/2011 6:11:13 PM
Figures for last year show an alarming jobless rate among university degree holders overshadowing a slight improvement in overall employment

Business - Economy
4/26/2011 12:51:41 PM
Italian refiner alledgedly sold gasoline to libya, as the buyer is a public company that doesn't figure on the UN list of banned entities

Business - Economy
4/25/2011 4:59:10 PM
Strong oil and gas sales push Algeria's trade figures up by 25 per cent compared to the same period last year

Egypt -
4/21/2011 10:53:23 PM
The former minister of agriculture is the latest figure of the former regime to be subject to a travel ban and assets freeze

Business - Economy
4/20/2011 3:30:58 PM
Egypt is negotiating the easing of its foreign debt payments as the economy contracts 6 per cent and foreign exchange resources are shrinking, says finance minster

World - Region
4/20/2011 10:47:29 AM
The Syrian authorities' arrest of a leftist opposition figure overnight suggests that a bill passed by the government to end emergency rule after 48 years will not halt repression

World - Region
4/17/2011 1:12:29 PM
Bahraini security forces have arrested a lawyer known for defending opposition figures, a month after a Shiite-led protest movement was crushed

World - Region
4/16/2011 1:10:10 PM
Leaked diplomatic cables allege that Saad Al-Hariri suggested isolating Bashar Al-Assad and forming a coalition of Muslim Brotherhood and former regime figures to take power

Egypt - Politics
4/11/2011 5:46:12 PM
Students at the American University in Cairo call for the removal from the institution of figures from State Security and the NDP, whom they accuse of censoring student activities on campus

Business - Economy
4/10/2011 1:12:52 PM
March figures down by 60 per cent but last quarter of year 'will be excellent', says tourism minister

Business - Economy
4/10/2011 11:07:03 AM
Net gains for 174 emirate companies show a near 80 per cent increase on 2009 figures

Egypt - Politics
4/7/2011 5:29:57 PM
Prominent Egyptian political figures joined film stars to celebrate the third anniversary of the 6 April Youth Movement, seen by many as the spark that culminated in the Egyptian Revolution

World - Region
4/6/2011 4:13:25 AM
As protesters show no sign of relenting, the editor of a leading Syrian state-owned daily has revealed that she is organising talks with opposition figures for them to air their demands for reform

Business - Economy
4/5/2011 10:18:40 AM
New figures show 71.5 million subscribers across country's three operators

Egypt - Politics
4/2/2011 1:40:01 PM
Criminal court adjourns the trial of police figures accused of ordering live fire to be used on protesters in Qalioubiya until ‎4 June

Egypt - Politics
3/31/2011 11:02:37 AM
Mohamed ElBaradei welcomes the dismissal of key ‎state media figures, saying all ‎Egyptian media must be independent

Egypt - Politics
3/30/2011 3:03:03 PM
Labib El-Sebaie has been appointed as Al-Ahram’s chairman and Abdel-Azim Hamad its ‎‎‎editor-in-chief

Egypt - Politics
3/29/2011 10:38:25 AM
Two leading figures in the Islamist group have resigned

Egypt - Politics
3/28/2011 6:37:14 PM
Opposition figures spoke out against a new parties' law today, arguing that it will create obstacles for new parties and restrict political freedom

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