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Egypt - Politics
2/16/2020 6:17:26 PM

Life & Style - City Lights
11/27/2019 9:03:37 PM
The 2019 Korean food festival celebrated Kimchi, the traditional Korean food on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage

Life & Style - City Lights
11/10/2018 6:30:25 PM
Three Korean chefs present the true Korean cuisine at Taste of Korea celebration

Life & Style - City Lights
9/12/2018 3:26:08 PM
A popular Korean drums troupe is scheduled to give a concert while food festivals will be organised in Luxor on 31 October and on 28 November in Aswan

Life & Style - Food
12/4/2017 5:46:24 PM
15 countries offer a glimpse of their culinary arts in Cairo's biggest annual food festival

Egypt - Society
12/10/2016 5:50:00 PM
Some of the chefs participating in the event include US chef and TV personality Rachael Ray, Canadian chef Andrew Mitchell, and Egyptian chefs Osama El-Sayed, Sally Fouad and Amira Shanab

Life & Style - Food
5/5/2013 6:15:04 PM
The Indian Embassy has been kicking up an active storm in Cairo, with an arts and performance schedule not to mention a food festival and tea tasting at the Sonesta Hotel on 7 and 8 May

Life & Style - Food
6/14/2012 10:10:51 PM
For the best chances for high-quality products to reach high-quality establishments in the Middle East, the Specialty Food Festival in Dubai is the meeting ground

Life & Style - Food
3/16/2012 11:07:16 AM
Check out this list right now because as of this weekend there are a few fun food events nearby to take advantage of!