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Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/21/2024 6:25:39 PM
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Egyptian Expatriates Badr Abdelatty discussed in a telephone call with Romanian counterpart Foreign Minister Luminita Odobescu ways to boost economic bilateral relations between the two countries and Egyptian wheat imports from Romania.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/21/2024 6:25:13 PM
Egypt’s Foreign Minister Badr Abdelatty discussed in Accra on Sunday the latest developments of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the situation in Sudan and the Red Sea with Bankole Adeoye, Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace, and Security in the African Union.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/20/2024 4:28:45 PM
Former Assistant Foreign Minister Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Hegazy has stressed that the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the illegality of the continued Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories is a legal and historical victory for the Palestinian people and their just cause.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/19/2024 3:46:40 PM
Egypt and Jordan's foreign ministers reiterated on Thursday their opposition to any Israeli plans aimed at displacing Palestinians from Gaza to Egyptian territories or from the West Bank to Jordan.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/17/2024 5:12:24 PM
Foreign Minister Badr Abdelatty has called for pressuring the Israeli government to fully implement the UN Security Council resolutions regarding ending the war in Gaza and delivering humanitarian aid to people in the enclave.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/16/2024 7:57:21 PM
In a meeting in Cairo on Tuesday, Egypt’s Assistant Foreign Minister for US Affairs Sameh Aboul-Enein, discussed with a delegation from the US Senate Committee on Armed Services ways to bolster Egyptian-American relations.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/15/2024 10:59:49 PM
Ambassador Dr Sameh Aboul-Enein, Assistant Foreign Minister for US Affairs and Professor Dr Ayman El-Baz, Vice President of Association of Egyptian-American Scholars in the US, discussed on Monday ways to advance Egyptian-American cooperation in academic fields.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
7/11/2024 5:50:39 PM
G7 foreign ministers condemned on Thursday the move by Israel to legalise five outposts in the West Bank and slammed its decision to expand existing settlements and establish new ones.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/9/2024 11:05:17 PM
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emigration, and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs Badr Abdelatty said Egypt is keen on sustaining the pace of interaction and coordination with the United States through the bilateral mechanisms in place, especially the strategic dialogue at the foreign ministers' level and the Joint Economic Commission.

World - War in Ukraine
7/7/2024 6:41:19 PM
The Netherlands will begin sending F-16 fighter planes to Ukraine "without delay," Foreign Minister Caspar Veldkamp said during a visit to Kyiv.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/6/2024 10:54:43 AM
Egypt's Foreign Minister Badr Abdelatty inaugurated on Saturday a conference bringing together all Sudanese civil political groups, alongside relevant regional and international partners, to help address the ongoing Sudanese crisis, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/4/2024 11:40:00 PM
Egypt’s newly appointed foreign minister Badr Abdelatty stressed on Thursday the importance of continued cooperation and coordination to pressure Israel into halting the war and opening more crossings with Gaza to allow humanitarian aid to enter the strip.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
7/3/2024 11:09:05 PM
With an expanded portfolio and multiple crises on Egypt’s doorstep, there will be no easing into the job for the new foreign minister.

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2024 11:55:00 PM
Ambassador Badr Abdelatty has been named the country’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs in the new cabinet, set to be sworn in before President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi on Wednesday, as FM Sameh Shoukry has stepped down, according to Extra News.

World - Region
6/25/2024 10:41:31 PM
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock cautioned on Tuesday that "miscalculation" could trigger all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, urging the need for "extreme restraint" as tensions soar.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
6/24/2024 10:06:39 PM
Egypt’s Foreign Ministry denied Monday that Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry had a telephone call with his US counterpart Secretary of Department of State Anthony Blinken to discuss lists of individuals who need to leave Gaza.

World - Region
6/13/2024 2:49:20 PM
Most of the victims in a deadly blaze that engulfed a block housing immigrant workers were from India, Kuwait's foreign minister said on Thursday, raising the death toll to 50.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
6/10/2024 2:58:54 PM
Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry welcomed the Russian proposal to hold a meeting with the foreign ministers of Russia and five Arab countries to discuss ways to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people, and revive the peace process.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
6/9/2024 11:34:12 AM
Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry flew on Sunday morning to the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod to take part in the BRICS' foreign ministers meeting.

World - Region
6/8/2024 12:48:02 PM
By the time Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi boarded his window seat on a helicopter ferrying him, the foreign minister and six others, thick clouds already had begun forming around the mountaintops along the Azerbaijan-Iran border.

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