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Egypt - Politics
7/20/2013 1:25:55 PM
Newly-instated foreign minister says Egypt has 'no intention' to wage holy war in Syria, citing calls for jihad during June Syria conference

Egypt - Politics
7/19/2013 12:53:01 AM
Egyptian diplomats say regaining regional leadership is key; foreign ministry sources say Africa is expected to be top priority of recently-appointed foreign minister Nabil Fahmy

World - Region
7/13/2013 11:39:26 AM
Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari says if West does not want Iran to arm Al-Bashar's regime through Iraqi airspace, they are invited to help Iraq stop the flights

Egypt - Politics
7/11/2013 10:33:56 PM
Ban Ki-moon tells Egypt's Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr there should be no 'retribution' against any party following Mohamed Morsi's removal from power

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2013 11:58:57 AM
Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr tells CNN he does not know where Mohamed Morsi is being held, but knows he is receiving good treatment

World - Region
7/4/2013 3:31:30 PM
The military intervention to topple president is a major setback for democracy in Egypt, says German Foreign Minister

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2013 10:04:33 PM
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius calls for dialogue between Egypt's rival political camps

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2013 3:22:52 AM
Mohamed Kamel Amr, Egypt's minister for foreign affairs, becomes the fifth minister to resign following mass rallies against President Mohamed Morsi’s rule

World - Region
6/28/2013 4:25:57 PM
Iraq's foreign minister admits the presence of Iraq Shia Muslims fighting alongside Assad's regime in Syria

World - Region
6/25/2013 9:11:10 PM
US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet next week in Brunei to discuss how to move forward towards a new international peace conference for Syria

World - Region
6/24/2013 3:34:40 PM
The stepping down of Bashar al-Assad is not precondition for planned Geneva talks, yet formation of unity government open for discussion, Syrian foreign minister said

World - Region
6/24/2013 1:18:18 PM
Syria's Foreign Minister says the decision by Western and Arab countries to arm rebels will prolong the crisis and deepen the bloodshed

Egypt - Politics
6/20/2013 2:50:04 PM
The meeting comes a week after Morsi announced that diplomatic ties with Syria would be cut

World - Region
6/20/2013 1:23:00 PM
Iraq’s foreign minister says his country is caught in the middle of regional turmoil caused by the Syrian crisis

World - International
6/19/2013 7:32:09 PM
As US-Afghan talks nearly fell through earlier Wednesday over name of Taliban office in Doha, Qatar foreign minister announces correct name that reflects Taliban, and not the state of Afghanistan

World - Region
6/19/2013 2:20:33 PM
If left unresolved the matter could be discussed by foreign ministers or heads of state and government at talks in Brussels next week

Egypt - Politics
6/19/2013 2:09:57 PM
Ethiopian foreign minister to visit Egypt soon, says Egyptian ambassador in Addis Ababa

World - Region
6/18/2013 9:20:16 PM
Islamic republic 'should not be allowed to gain time by holding drawn out talks' with international community, Israeli PM says during meeting with Canada's foreign minister

Egypt - Politics
6/18/2013 2:20:21 PM
Ethiopian foreign minister is expected to visit Cairo soon to continue talks after his Egyptian counterpart visited Addis Ababa

Egypt - Politics
6/17/2013 7:44:36 PM
Contrary to AP reports, Egypt and Ethiopia foreign minister talks ongoing and 'taking place in a positive atmosphere'

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