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Egypt - Politics
1/22/2012 1:17:26 PM
Mohamed Saad El-Katatny, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, will give up his current position as FJP secretary-general if elected parliament speaker, says party head

Elections 2011 - News
1/21/2012 4:23:53 PM
The trend of Islamist dominance in the voting for independent candidates continues in the party lists, while the Wafd Party wins the third highest number of seats

Egypt - Politics
1/20/2012 12:25:17 PM
The results of the third round of elections in Qalioubiya have been announced, with the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party taking three of the six seats

Egypt - Politics
1/17/2012 3:55:00 PM
Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party assures no changes will affect the industry as it looks to boost the economy by developing Nile bank and investment in sport and health tourism

Egypt - Politics
1/16/2012 7:44:22 PM
Second and third runners-up to choose deputy speakers; FJP nominates party secretary-general Mohamed El-Katatni for chief parliamentary post

Egypt - Politics
1/16/2012 3:48:37 PM
Freedom and Justice Party’s vice president, Essam El-Erian, had been tipped for the nomination

Egypt - Politics
1/16/2012 11:59:10 AM
Three names being considered by the Freedom and Justice Party for parliamentary speaker, decision to be declared Monday

Egypt - Politics
1/15/2012 5:11:34 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, will directly consult on Egypt's transitional period

Business - Economy
1/15/2012 2:43:52 PM
Freedom and Justice Party follows up election success by unveiling plans for tax shake-up and repricing of exports

Egypt - Politics
1/15/2012 1:32:07 PM
Fulfilling the demands of the January 25 Revolution will be the main challenge of the incoming People's Assembly, says head of April 6 Movement

Egypt - Politics
1/14/2012 7:15:02 PM
Freedom and Justice Party leaders say it is "premature" to discuss the fate of the government of premier Ganzouri as the opening of the People's Assembly approaches

Egypt - Politics
1/13/2012 11:57:06 PM
Current and former members of Democratic Alliance agree to adhere to September's 'Code of Honour' governing formulation of new constitution

Egypt - Politics
1/13/2012 1:19:36 PM
Leading secularist party says it has no plans to enter into an alliance with hardline Islamists to check the Brotherhood's influence in parliament

Egypt - Politics
1/12/2012 6:18:18 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood has denied that they made a secret pact with the ruling military council regarding the upcoming presidential elections

Egypt - Politics
1/12/2012 12:18:31 PM
Murtada Mansour, on trial for instigating the Battle of the Camel, fails to take seat in election run-off; Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) secure six seats

Egypt - Politics
1/10/2012 8:07:23 PM
Reports after military council met politicians in November suggested issue of how to end Tahrir violence was discussed; it is now revealed schedule of presidential elections and constitution were also on the table

World - Region
1/9/2012 5:14:41 PM
The Algerian Islamic party which is counterpart to Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party hopes to be approved by the authorities ‎before January elections

Egypt - Politics
1/9/2012 5:08:44 PM
Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party issues statement demanding compensation for martyrs’ families and for timetable for presidential elections to be respected

Egypt - Politics
1/8/2012 4:50:02 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party will discuss plans related to the tourism sector with Chamber of Tourism representatives

Elections 2011 -
1/8/2012 2:23:23 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood features prominently in this week's run-offs

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