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Sports - Africa
7/10/2012 10:08:39 PM
The African football Confederation (CAF) give DR Congo champions TP Mazembe the green light to play their continental games at new stadium

Sports - World
6/22/2012 6:39:34 PM
Fenerbahce are set to participate in next season's Champions League

World - Region
6/21/2012 11:58:36 AM
Teams from the International Committee of the Red Cross await the Syrian government and rebels to halt their fire as previously agreed so that they may enter Homs to provide urgently need aid

World - Region
6/17/2012 3:26:37 PM
Electoral commission announces beginning of campaigning period for Libya's 7 July legislative elections, first poll of its kind in 40 years

Egypt -
6/3/2012 10:38:46 AM
Human Rights Watch issues a statement on the verdict in historic Mubarak trial titled: Mubarak conviction a message for next president, but acquittal of police chiefs a green light to future abuse. Below is the full text

Egypt - Politics
5/12/2012 5:00:27 PM
The much-anticipated rulings of Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court have the effect of allowing Mubarak's ex-prime minister, Shafiq, to run for president and for elections to continue as scheduled

Sports - World
4/27/2012 3:34:49 PM
"The stadium has been approved for use," says Wroclaw mayor Rafal Dutkiewicz after building inspectors complete final inspection

Business - Economy
4/8/2012 9:10:52 PM
Parliamentary budget and planning committee green-lights bill setting national maximum wage at LE50,000 a month - some 35 times official minimum wage

Sports - World
4/2/2012 4:32:52 PM
The Italian forward recovered from a heart surgery

World - Region
2/10/2012 6:36:50 PM
Self-proclaimed Jewish state green lights more illegal West Bank construction work under guise of building 'educational facility' for special-needs youth

World - Region
2/1/2012 9:55:49 AM
Russian government says it would not agree to any UN resolution on Syria giving the green light to military intervention

World - Region
8/22/2011 5:55:32 PM
Israel's Ministry of Justice says it has given the go-ahead for Google Street View to start photographing streets in the country for its 3D-mapping website

Sports - Egyptian Football
7/25/2011 3:50:44 PM
Ahly will reject Ittihad Jeddah if they ask for star Mohamed Abou-Trieka, while they may green-light Afroto loan to Kuwaiti Al Qadisiyah. A fine is waiting Algerian Sayoud, Brazilian Junior will signs Tuesday

Sports - Africa
7/11/2011 2:55:36 PM
Ivory Coast's Gervinho had the green light to join English Premier League side Arsenal

Egypt - Politics
6/12/2011 4:21:18 PM

Egypt -
4/21/2011 4:33:55 PM
Canada lifts travel ban on condition it's citizens only fly to limited cities: Sharm El Sheik, Hurghada, Luxor and Aswan

Sports - Egyptian Football
3/15/2011 4:49:19 PM
The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) is given the green light to resume domestic league competition

World - Region
12/8/2010 6:15:00 PM
Washington's announcement gives Israel a green light to resume illegal settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian West Bank

Sports - World
12/2/2010 1:53:53 PM
For its World Cup 2022 bid, alongside permitting alcohol, Qatar has green lighted hosting Israel.

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