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Sports - World
11/9/2023 7:15:58 PM
Colombia's ELN guerrilla group on Thursday freed the father of Liverpool footballer Luis Diaz, 12 days after kidnapping him, according to live TV footage.

World - International
10/4/2022 9:27:35 PM
Colombia's government and a delegation from the National Liberation Army (ELN) leftist guerrillas announced on Tuesday they would next month restart peace talks suspended since 2019.

War in Ukraine - Economy
8/3/2022 1:45:58 PM
Fanning out like urban guerrillas through Paris' darkened streets well after midnight, the anti-waste activists shinny up walls and drain pipes, reaching for switches to turn off the lights.

World - International
8/20/2021 5:24:41 PM
Pakistan, a Cold War ally of the United States, worked with Washington in the 1980s to back Islamic guerrillas who fought out Soviet troops

World - International
1/9/2018 6:48:37 PM

World - International
5/30/2015 8:52:09 PM

World - International
2/28/2015 8:47:25 AM

World - International
7/30/2013 5:42:37 PM
Decision to break up Andhra Pradesh and establish Telangana sparks controversy amidst rising concerns over leftist guerrillas in proposed new state

World - International
6/21/2013 10:35:52 AM
Afghanistan's envoy to the United Nations, Zahir Tanin, on Thursday described the opening as "theatrical" which he said contravened an agreement on how the occasion would be managed

World - Region
6/19/2013 4:26:24 PM
Hezbollah guerrillas join Syrian regime campaign to root our rebellion in Damascus's outskirts in order to cut off rebel supply lines leading to the capital

World - Region
6/17/2013 2:41:28 PM
Once long-time allies, Hamas and Hezbollah differ on involvement in Syria with the former calling on the Lebanese Shiite movement to pull guerrillas out of the embattled country

World - International
4/25/2013 6:39:08 PM
The UN Security Council approves sending up to 12,600 international troops and police to take over from French and African forces battling Islamist guerrillas in Mali

World - Region
1/29/2013 4:26:35 PM

World - Region
11/25/2012 3:22:45 PM
Israel's Shin Bet internal security agency anounces the arrest of a Palestinian man residing in Jerusalem for maintaining contact with and relaying information to Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon

World - International
9/13/2011 11:19:24 AM
Clashes between security forces and guerrillas kills two policemen, a soldier and lefist fighters whilst the fighting continues