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Egypt - Defence
9/6/2021 7:40:31 PM
The aid is offered by the Defense Ministry and the Egyptian Red Crescent Society to support the Sudanese people at times of conflict and hardships

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
12/1/2020 9:54:53 PM
One of the country’s more controversial figures has recently suffered some major setbacks

Arts & Culture - Film
10/24/2020 3:08:33 AM
The 4th edition of El Gouna Film Festival is taking place between 23 and 31 October 2020.

Life & Style - Style
9/7/2020 6:12:39 PM
In her latest collection, Cairo-based designer Sara Onsi paints the difficult times of 2020 in a better light

Business - Economy
6/17/2020 1:41:41 PM

World - International
11/1/2019 11:39:45 AM
Thousands of a radical Islamists have camped out in Pakistan's capital, demanding the resignation of PM over economic hardships

Opinion -
7/24/2019 10:05:54 PM
Egyptians today are prouder of their history and their ability to survive hardships and come out stronger and more resilient in the end

Multimedia -
12/31/2017 1:12:16 PM
Hundreds of Iranians march to protest against economic hardships; Government uses teargas against demonstrators, two reported killed; supporters rally behind authorities

Egypt - Politics
11/16/2016 12:46:15 PM
Early November, the army announced it would distribute 8 million food boxes at reduced prices nationwide in a bid to help citizens survive current economic hardships

Egypt - Politics
11/1/2016 4:13:20 PM

World - International
8/8/2016 10:35:56 AM

World - International
7/7/2016 12:07:36 PM

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
5/18/2016 1:57:01 PM

Egypt - Features
5/17/2016 3:45:14 PM
The Syrian community in Egypt has grown in size and need, testifying to the Syrian refugees’ new lives of challenges, strong wills and often amazing success, writes Gihan Shahine

World - Region
7/8/2014 11:28:13 AM

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
10/23/2013 3:24:37 PM
On the last day of Festiwalla, Syrian and refugees from other nationalities stage a performance portraying their suffering and lack of freedom in Germany

World - Region
6/12/2013 9:23:06 AM
One Syrian refugee in Jordan says he reluctantly opted to marry off his teenage daughter to a rich 40-year-old Saudi man, hoping to ease his family's financial hardships

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
5/15/2012 9:40:18 PM
On eve of elections, zabaleen - Cairo’s informal garbage collectors - keep fingers crossed for leftist president sympathetic to their ongoing plight

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/29/2012 11:30:33 PM
You Can's initiative to support people with different abilities puts on a play that resulted from a two-month workshop on the hardships of people with different abilities face in El Nahda Center for Arts and Sciences

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/27/2012 3:34:00 PM
A play on the daily and overarching hardships of people with disabilities aims to raise public awareness on their need for inclusion, 28 and 29 March at the Nahda Association, 7:30pm

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