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Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
4/28/2023 12:45:28 PM

World - International
4/1/2023 4:39:11 PM
Unrelenting tornadoes that tore through parts of the South and Midwest killed at least 11 people, collapsed the roof of a packed theater during a heavy metal concert in Illinois, and left small towns and big cities throughout the region bewildered Saturday by the damage.

Sports - World
6/20/2020 1:21:03 PM

Sports - World
12/31/2016 12:51:47 PM

Arts & Culture - Music
6/6/2016 9:43:51 PM
Following a cancelation of the much-awaited Heavy Metal concert by Brazilian band Sepultura last Saturday, the band announced it has left the country. Ahram Online spoke to Sepultura hours prior to the scheduled concert

Arts & Culture - Music
6/5/2016 12:09:16 PM
The concert was scheduled to take place at the Nile Country Club, but was later moved to a villa in Sheikh Zayed

Arts & Culture - Music
11/24/2015 1:22:47 PM

Arts & Culture - Screens
6/11/2015 7:46:12 PM
Beyond a cinematic career spanning six decades, aged 91, the Lord of the Rings actor made the charts with a heavy metal cover

Arts & Culture - Music
3/12/2013 11:57:23 AM
World-renowned dissident artist Ai Weiwei continues to defy censorship in China, this time through a subversive heavy metal album

World - International
1/19/2013 5:57:05 PM
140 countries agree to adopt world's first legally binding treaty on mercury to reduce use, emission of the toxic heavy metal

Arts & Culture - Music
7/4/2012 12:14:15 PM
On a dimly lit stage the godfather of Afghan rock prepares for the next song, as images of the French movie La Haine (Hate) flicker above and his audience is asked what song would they sing if they were lying in the gutter dying