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World - Region
4/6/2022 12:10:06 PM
A rare video has appeared of al Qaida's chief praising an Indian Muslim woman who in February defied a ban on hijab wearing, revealing the first proof in years that he is still alive.

World - International
2/8/2022 9:49:01 AM
When the students were barred last month from entering their classrooms and told not to wear hijab, a headscarf used by Muslim women, they began camping outside the all-girls high school.

World - International
1/19/2022 10:54:03 PM
The French Senate has voted in favor of banning the wearing of headscarves in sports competitions, arguing that neutrality is a requirement on the field of play.

World - International
12/26/2021 4:24:08 PM
Afghanistan's Taliban authorities said Sunday that women seeking to travel long distances should not be offered road transport unless they are accompanied by a close male relative.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Living
5/18/2021 7:24:43 PM
Al-Ahram Weekly looks at this summer’s trendiest hijabi and modest styles

World - Africa
3/20/2021 1:12:48 PM
Wearing a red hijab, she took her oath of office on the Koran in a ceremony at State House in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam. She is the first female head of state in the country of 58 million

World - International
2/5/2021 2:09:47 PM
The move was applauded Friday by rights activists, who say non-Muslim girls have been forced for years to wear a hijab in conservative parts of the country

Egypt - Politics
9/13/2020 8:58:25 PM
El-Sherbiny said that women who wear the hijab are '100,000 times better' than those who do not

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10/26/2018 11:50:44 AM

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9/10/2018 12:11:21 PM

World - International
1/12/2018 10:11:58 AM
Wearing the Islamic veil has become increasingly challenging for many women in Western societies, where a piece of fabric can be used to exacerbate already rising Islamophobia

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11/20/2017 8:13:21 PM

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9/7/2017 9:18:01 PM

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8/11/2017 1:11:28 PM

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5/29/2017 10:07:29 PM

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2/22/2017 2:21:15 PM

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2/1/2017 2:09:02 PM

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12/10/2016 5:30:01 PM

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12/4/2016 6:00:00 PM

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11/10/2016 2:29:29 PM

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