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Al-Ahram Weekly - World
3/28/2024 11:34:00 PM
Is delivering aid to Gaza via a temporary seaport genuinely meant to ease the humanitarian catastrophe in the Strip or is it meant to expedite the displacement of the population, asks Alaa Al-Mashharawi in Gaza.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
3/28/2024 11:27:00 PM
The humanitarian disaster in Gaza may be forging new political realities, but it is unlikely to spare Rafah from an Israeli offensive.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
3/26/2024 7:19:27 PM
As Gaza turns into the chequerboard for global politics, Palestinians are paying the price, writes Aziza Sami

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/26/2024 5:50:58 PM
Hamas on Tuesday urged foreign nations to stop parachuting aid into war-torn Gaza after officials and humanitarians said 18 people died trying to reach food packages in the starving north.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
3/26/2024 4:27:29 PM
For six months now, every time we deal with the issue, Israeli atrocities in the occupied Gaza Strip will have reached an unprecedented level.

World - International
3/25/2024 7:43:43 PM
UN humanitarian chief , who has played a key role in pressing for aid to Gaza and earlier led efforts on Yemen, is quitting due to ill health, the world body said Monday.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/25/2024 10:14:20 AM
The U.N. Security Council is set to vote Monday on a resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/22/2024 8:38:00 PM
Ahram Online provided coverage of the Israeli war on Gaza on its 168th day.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/22/2024 3:08:00 PM
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is set to vote on a United States-sponsored resolution declaring that “an immediate and sustained ceasefire” in the Israeli war on Gaza is “imperative” to protect civilians and enable humanitarian aid to be delivered to more than 2 million hungry Palestinians.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/21/2024 11:19:12 PM
The EU's 27 leaders called on Thursday for an "immediate humanitarian pause" in Gaza and urged Israel not to launch a major ground offensive in the southernmost city of Rafah.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
3/21/2024 6:54:18 PM
High officials from five Arab countries underscored in a meeting in Cairo on Thursday the urgent need to secure an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza, enhance humanitarian aid access, and open all crossings between Israel and Gaza.

World - War in Sudan
3/20/2024 7:08:46 PM
After nearly a year of war, Sudan is suffering one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent history, the United Nations warned Wednesday, slamming the international community for lack of action.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/18/2024 11:10:00 PM
On the 163rd day of the Israeli war on Gaza, a growing chorus of UN officials and humanitarian organizations is raising the alarm about an imminent famine in the Strip, exacerbated by Israel's persistent blockade and relentless bombardment.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/18/2024 2:04:57 PM
Anti-poverty charity Oxfam on Monday accused Israel of intentionally preventing the delivery of aid into Gaza, in violation of international humanitarian law.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
3/18/2024 12:47:00 PM
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi urged on Sunday the European leaders to exert substantial efforts to secure an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and to scale up humanitarian assistance and relief to alleviate the devastating humanitarian catastrophe endured by the Palestinian people there.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/16/2024 7:53:08 PM
The humanitarian situation in Gaza is a "nightmare" for mothers and babies, with doctors reporting small and sickly newborns, stillbirths and women forced to undergo C-sections without adequate anesthesia, a UN official said Friday.

World - War in Sudan
3/16/2024 4:21:11 PM
The United Nations appealed late Friday for Sudan's battling factions to allow delivery of humanitarian relief to fend off looming "catastrophic" hunger.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/15/2024 8:15:00 PM
On the 161st day of the Israeli war on Gaza, Israel killed at least 20 Palestinians were killed and 155 injured while awaiting essential aid. With the looming threat of famine heightening humanitarian concerns, Hamas proposes a new deal and Washington advocates for a UN resolution on immediate ceasefire.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/15/2024 2:43:38 PM
A ship carrying 200 tons of aid approached the coast of Gaza on Friday in a mission to inaugurate a sea route from Cyprus to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territory five months into the Israeli war on Gaza.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/14/2024 11:17:00 PM
Ahram Online provided coverage of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip on its 160th day.

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