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Business - Tech
9/8/2023 1:57:12 PM
Apple released a significant security update for iPhones and iPads Thursday to patch newly discovered security vulnerabilities in the devices’ system software.

Business - Tech
9/14/2021 8:32:12 PM
Featuring the brand new A15 Bionic chip, the new iPad mini delivers up to 80 percent faster performance than the previous generation, making it the most capable iPad mini ever.

World - International
6/22/2020 9:50:19 PM

World - International
6/4/2018 8:28:33 PM

Business - Economy
1/27/2016 10:14:48 AM

Arts & Culture - Music
1/18/2016 10:21:25 AM

World - International
12/16/2015 8:01:02 PM

Business - Economy
11/18/2014 7:58:29 PM
Nokia to launch a new Android tablet resembling Apple's iPad mini on the Chinese market in 2015

Life & Style - Health
7/14/2014 1:07:19 PM
An unexplained rash in your skin could result from being glued to the gadgets

Business - Economy
10/23/2013 1:59:14 PM
Sales to increase in holiday season as Apple launches iPad Air, experts say

World - International
10/18/2013 12:57:18 PM
Apple's products are wildly popular in China, where a teenager sold his kidney and used the funds to buy an iPhone and iPad in an incident in 2012

Books - World
6/16/2013 11:49:23 AM
A top Apple executive acknowledged that prices of best-selling e-books rose after the tech giant launched iPad book sales in 2010, but denied any role in a plot to fix prices

Business - Economy
5/31/2013 12:38:00 PM
Despite weakening yen, US-based tech giant Apple raises prices on flagship iPad, iPod product lines in Japanese market

Business - Economy
1/24/2013 1:07:57 PM
Despite Apple's top line growth of 18 per cent compared to a year earlier, the bottom line isn't keeping pace due to copycats

Business - Economy
1/8/2013 6:45:42 PM
Global leader in mobiles Samsung beats rival Apple in this quarter's profits

Multimedia -
10/23/2012 9:32:44 PM

World - Region
9/4/2012 5:31:54 PM
Hacker group claims to have obtained personal data from 12 million Apple iPhone and iPad users by breaching an FBI computer, raising concerns about government tracking

Business - Economy
8/24/2012 12:42:05 PM
Facebook unveiled a new mobile app Thursday for its users on Apple iPhone and iPad, saying it would speed up the performance of people accessing the world's biggest social network

Business - Economy
3/16/2012 7:34:34 PM
Apple's newest iPad looked like another hot seller on Friday as hundreds lined up at stores around the world to get their hands on the tablet, though the crowds and waiting times in some cities were less than in previous years

Business - Economy
2/22/2012 3:12:05 PM
Struggling Chinese firm says it has sole rights to the brand name, calling the sale of the trademark to Apple in 2009 'invalid'

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