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Egypt - Politics
6/27/2015 12:12:43 PM
Angry crowds complained about a lack of adequate food and water at the event - see video

Multimedia -
6/25/2015 3:51:18 PM
A volunteer carries food to tables as people wait to eat their Iftar meal to break their fast at charity tables that offer free food during the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt (Photo: Reuters)

World - Region
6/25/2015 3:44:34 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/24/2015 11:30:54 PM
The president spoke at a new weekly 'Egyptian Family Iftar' to continue throughout Ramadan

Egypt - Politics
6/24/2015 5:58:00 PM
Mohamed Al-Batawy, a journalist for the state-owned Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper, disappeared a week ago, his family say

Egypt - Politics
6/24/2015 5:41:59 PM
Father Boulos Halim announces that this year the costs of the annual charity iftar will be donated to the Long Live Egypt national fund

Egypt - Civil Society
7/21/2014 3:42:59 PM
Save the Children NGO spent the sunset iftar meal with two refugee families from Syria and Sudan spending Ramadan in displaceement

Life & Style - Food
7/16/2014 2:57:24 PM
Summertime Ramadan means unbearable heat during fasting hours - but also Mango Konafa after iftar; Ahram Online samples versions of this transient delicacy and recommends the best

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/15/2014 6:12:35 PM
Annual veggie fest features a vegetarian Iftar, yoga session, open mic session and live music jam in downtown Cairo on 23 July

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/2/2014 3:18:23 PM
Ahram Online compiles an extensive agenda of post-iftar arts and culture activities in Cairo and Alexandria

Egypt - Politics
7/1/2014 11:36:05 AM
Over one hundred people are in hospital after eating an iftar meal provided by a charity in Assiut governorate, eight are in a critical condition

World - Region
7/28/2013 11:45:45 PM
Seven people arrested when holding mass iftar in park where anti-government demonstrations erupted more than a month ago

Egypt - Politics
7/14/2013 11:19:07 AM
Opponents of ousted president Mohamed Morsi call for communal Ramadan iftar in Tahrir Square on Monday to 'protect achievements of the revolution'

Multimedia - WFC
7/12/2013 10:51:38 PM
Egyptians have first iftar in Ramadan after the fall of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in Tahrir Square (All PHOTOS: Mai Shaheen)

Egypt - Politics
7/12/2013 11:11:12 AM
A gathering and iftar meal is planned by a number of leading anti-Morsi groups

Egypt - Politics
8/11/2012 1:59:59 PM
Political activists, important figures and artists expected to attend the annual iftar dinner of the Kasr El-Dobara church, known for helping revolutionaries during clashes

Life & Style - Food
8/4/2012 8:35:53 PM
Although the new orange spot (Cortado Café) on Batal Ahmed Aziz Street only just had a soft opening, they are hitting the ground running with an iftar and sohour menu

Life & Style -
7/30/2012 3:42:00 PM
Chefs in Jordan break a world Guiness World Record of the largest taameyya/falafel at 74kg; photos included

Egypt - First 100 days
7/30/2012 12:25:20 AM
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi praises role played by Egyptian Armed Forces in 1973 victory over Israel and army's role during and after last year's Tahrir Square uprising

Egypt - Politics
7/28/2012 12:07:57 PM
April 6th Movement will hold an iftar in front of the gates of Tora prison in solidarity with civilian protesters facing military trials

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