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Books - News
9/28/2023 6:50:57 PM
"The Immortals" have spoken: the 388-year-old Academie Francaise, custodian and promoter of the French language, has a new leader in the form of author Amin Maalouf.

Heritage - Heritage special
6/20/2023 10:36:53 PM
The new national cemetery, which is set to be a new burial ground for the most iconic figures of Egypt, heralds a new page in a rich history based on respect to those who left us and meticulous attention to details in visiting the places where their souls rest..

Heritage - Heritage special
1/6/2023 1:43:34 PM
For the past few weeks, Cairo's historic cemeteries have been in the limelight after an idea was floated in local media to rebury iconic Egyptian figures in a new site to be called “A Garden for the Immortals” has received pushback from affected communities.

Heritage - Folk Arts
8/29/2015 12:58:07 PM
The immortals are the only ones who should cry about it

Books - World
6/19/2012 5:52:41 PM
Amin Maalouf becomes one of France's 'immortals' with his induction into the Academie Francaise for his literary achievements