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Business - Economy
7/15/2024 12:01:01 PM
Equity markets were mixed Monday as investors weigh the impact of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump with data suggesting it has boosted his chances of being re-elected president.

Business - Economy
7/15/2024 11:10:11 AM
"Doctor, please write down an alternative medication for each type on the prescription" is a common plea among patients in Egypt now due to the severe shortage of medicines in the local market, intensifying daily and impacting both healthy and ill individuals.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
7/9/2024 6:05:26 PM
Dealing with the immediate causes and impacts of conflicts is not enough to bring genuine security and stability to the region, writes Eman Ragab

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
7/9/2024 1:39:00 PM
The Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) Philippe Lazzarini sounded an urgent alarm on Monday about the devastating impact of the ongoing Israeli war on education in Gaza, highlighting the perilous risk of losing an entire generation.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
7/5/2024 1:47:54 PM
The World Health Organization chief has warned that a dire lack of fuel in the Gaza Strip, because of the Israeli blockade on all forms of aid, could have a "catastrophic" impact on already devastated health services in the war-ravaged Palestinian territory.

World - International
7/3/2024 11:14:45 AM
In a major reprieve for former President Donald Trump, sentencing for his hush money convictions was postponed Tuesday until at least September — if ever — as the judge agreed to weigh the possible impact of a new Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
7/2/2024 9:31:29 PM
The re-election of Trump or a second term for Biden in the US presidential elections in November will have different impacts on policies in the Middle East, writes Sahar Zahran in Washington

World - International
7/1/2024 8:44:59 PM
Firefighters were racing to tackle wildfires that broke out on the eastern Aegean islands of Chios and Kos Monday, as Greece’s prime minister warned of a dangerous summer ahead and said the public’s help was essential in limiting the impact of wildfires.

World - International
6/30/2024 10:11:10 AM
A sense of concern is growing inside the top ranks of the Democratic Party that leaders of Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee are not taking seriously enough the impact of the president’s troubling debate performance earlier in the week.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
6/30/2024 9:11:00 AM
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi reiterated on Saturday Egypt's warnings against the impact of any expansion of the "gravely escalating conflict in the Gaza Strip" on security and stability in the region.

Sports - Omni sports
6/27/2024 10:01:22 AM
Iga Swiatek will be desperate to make a major impact on her weakest surface at Wimbledon after a stellar clay court season underlined her dominance of the women's game.

Opinion -
6/20/2024 1:36:23 PM
Much of the media coverage of artificial intelligence has focused on its potential negative impact.

World - War in Ukraine
6/12/2024 9:56:07 PM
Weeks of relentless Russian strikes against power plants and infrastructure in Ukraine have been compared to an "energy war" by operators who have seen their networks wiped out.

Opinion -
6/12/2024 4:42:31 PM
The recent European Union elections have witnessed a notable rise in support for far-right and populist parties across various member states, with this surge in their popularity raising concerns about the EU’s future direction and its impact on key issues like immigration, trade, and democratic values protection.

World - International
6/5/2024 6:05:35 PM
Humankind's role in the destructive warming of the planet is comparable to the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Wednesday, calling for rapid steps including bans on fossil fuel advertising.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
6/4/2024 9:11:05 PM
How will Donald Trump’s conviction impact his bid for the presidency, asks Khaled Dawoud

Advertising - Sponsored
6/4/2024 7:04:16 PM
For 175 years, Pfizer has led medical breakthroughs, advanced global health and made a lasting impact on societies

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
5/29/2024 5:05:00 PM
With millions of Palestinians facing renewed displacement, Dina Ezzat examines the impact of Monday’s cross-border fire between Israeli and Egyptian security personnel and the latest Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians.

Sports - Africa
5/25/2024 2:01:02 PM
Ademola Lookman fresh from a historic hat-trick in the Europa League final will hope to make a similar impact for Nigeria in June's 2026 World Cup qualifiers after being named in new head coach Finidi George's squad.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
5/24/2024 12:30:00 PM
Israel’s war on Gaza is impacting capitals across the region, not least in states engaged in political transition.

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