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World - Region
3/20/2012 4:36:14 PM
Tunisians calls for civil state on country's independence day, highlighting risings tensions between secularists and Islamists

Business - Economy
3/14/2012 3:28:30 PM
Employees of the Central Auditing Organisation are protesting for the second consecutive day, pushing for new leadership and full independence from parliament

World - International
3/4/2012 4:11:49 PM
Scotland's First Minister hopes to launch 'yes' campaign ahead of independence referendum

Egypt - Politics
3/3/2012 4:12:32 PM
Amr Hamzawy demands parliament take action against government infringement on judiciary independence, questioning decision to allow accused US NGO workers to exit country leaving Egyptian counterparts to face charges

World - International
3/1/2012 4:50:40 PM
Thursday marks 20 years since Bosnia gained independence from Yugoslavia; Observers say anniversary underlines ongoing ethnic divisions

Egypt - Politics
3/1/2012 3:00:00 PM
Mostafa Bakry calls lifting of travel ban on indicted US NGO workers an 'assault on judicial independence'; demands head of SCAF and prime minister explain why ban was lifted

Books -
2/24/2012 12:22:42 PM
Well-known historian, Judge Tariq El-Bishri, evokes the critical years of Egyptian independence negotiations and scruitinises the personality behind them: Saad Zhaghloul

Sports - Africa
2/10/2012 5:02:58 PM
South Sudan – which broke away from Sudan, gaining its independence last year – becomes the world newest football nation

World - International
1/25/2012 2:21:56 PM
23 year old Mahmmood is found guilty of betrayal and treason to the people, national sovereignty, independence, internal security and covert activities against the government of Afghanistan

World - Region
1/14/2012 5:07:17 PM
The euphoria of South Sudan’s independence six months ago after decades of civil war with the north has been replaced by fears of escalating tribal violence

Business - Economy
1/13/2012 5:46:37 PM
China, Malaysia and India have all inked fresh contracts with Africa's newest nation, say officials

Egypt - Politics
12/30/2011 10:22:00 AM
Arab Center for Independence of Judiciary, National ‎Democratic Institute, Freedom House among 17 NGOs raided by security forces for foreign funding 'violations'; ElBaradei and rights groups denounce move

World - Region
12/25/2011 12:52:26 PM
After being unable to during Gaddafi's long rule, Libyans on Saturday celebrated the 60th anniversary of the country's independence from Italy and France

World - Region
12/22/2011 3:28:46 PM
Churches in the Christian South Sudan witnesses the first Christmas since the country gained independence from the Muslim-majority Sudan in July after a two-decade civil war

World - Region
12/2/2011 2:02:55 PM
The head of Israel's supreme court outright accused PM Netanyahu's govt of attempting to undermine judiciary's independence, sparking a retort from the conservative-religious bloc

World - International
12/1/2011 11:17:00 AM
Challenges felt by post-USSR republics as a specialist at Carnegie Centre in Moscow states, "Twenty years of independence became a very heavy burden for many ex-Soviet states"

Business - Economy
11/22/2011 12:39:33 PM
Daily production has fallen by 20,000 since independence in July, says petroleum minister

Business - Economy
11/18/2011 11:24:06 AM
Ministry say it is the principal seller of newly-independent country's crude, ruling out a marketing role for Glencore

Egypt - Politics
11/12/2011 2:34:56 PM
Editorial independence, best practices and reform are the topic of the day in Sunday's conference, which will be attended by the editors in chief of the very top UK, French, Swedish and German papers

Egypt - Politics
10/26/2011 6:45:32 PM
In a key moment for press freedom in Egypt, thousands vote in what is believed to be the first free elections in the press union

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