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Egypt - Politics
10/25/2011 9:16:00 PM
After struggling for years against persecution by Mubarak and for the independence of their syndicate, Egyptian journalists will vote to choose a new board and chairman for their union

World - International
10/16/2011 10:29:22 AM
A young Tibetan monk sets himself on fire in China to press government for religious freedom and independence; police extinguished the flames and beat the man with his whereabouts unknown

World - International
10/13/2011 1:24:00 PM
Rejecting Kosovo’s 2008 declaration of independence, Serbia blocks the two main border crossings with Kosovo, spurring NATO operation to counter the 'illegal' Serbian action

World - Region
10/9/2011 4:48:25 PM
North and South Sudan ended their first talks since the South gained independence three months ago and said more negotiations would be held to try to settle their disputes

World - Region
10/1/2011 4:02:35 PM
Moroccan security forces deployed in the city of Dakhla in the disputed territory of Western Sahara this week after an outburst of violence

World - International
10/1/2011 11:36:38 AM
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan pledged to secure the country in a broadcast to the nation on Saturday as it marked 51 years of independence amid a wave of attacks blamed on Islamists

World - International
9/24/2011 2:36:31 PM
Hundreds of jailed members of Basque's paramilitary separatist group ETA call for an end to violence, switching to peaceful pressure tools over the Spanish government to gain independence

Opinion -
9/20/2011 3:57:00 PM
Upcoming trade union elections are as important as parliamentary elections, with the left facing strong competition from the Muslim Brotherhood

Opinion -
9/17/2011 12:03:51 PM
Calling on the UN to recognise Palestine is a win-win for the Palestinians. If the US abstains, it is a step backward for Israel. If it vetoes, it loses its credibility as an honest broker

World - Region
9/15/2011 6:27:50 PM
The Palestinian Authority has not yet finalized its decision to put forth a full membership request to the UN, Abbas to announce decision on Friday as talks with the US, EU and others take place

World - Region
9/14/2011 2:24:24 PM
Ahead of Mahmoud Abass' statehood bid at the UN, residents of Gaza show that Palestinians differ on the significance and benefit of the much anticipated move

World - Region
9/13/2011 7:05:25 PM
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterates the US position on Palestinian statehood, rejecting the Palestinian bid to seek full membership in the UN

World - Region
9/13/2011 3:04:00 PM
A meeting by Arab League chief Nabil El-Arabi and Arab ministers stresses ending the use of arms by the Syrian regime,and supports Palestinian UN statehood bid

Business - Economy
9/9/2011 1:35:42 PM
Impoverished Tajikistan is spending more than a tenth of its annual budget on new facilities in time for the 20th anniversary of its independence from the Soviet Union

Egypt - Politics
9/8/2011 4:33:44 PM
SCAF is clearly unable to appease political forces, many of whom are aiming to put an end to military rule and turn a new page

World - Region
8/26/2011 4:37:58 PM
The United States urges southern Sudanese rebels to join a two-week truce in a contested border state where clashes have emerged since the declaration of independence of South Sudan in July

World - International
8/24/2011 3:38:12 PM
Tymoshenko supporters defy protest bans as thousands flock to the streets on Independence Day

Egypt - Politics
8/22/2011 5:57:28 PM
Gaddafi's green flag removed as Egypt announces its official recognition of the opposition National Transitional Council

World - International
8/19/2011 1:03:48 PM
Eight people killed as suicide bombers attacked Britain's cultural centre in Kabul on Friday, as it marks Afghanistan's 1919 independence from British occupation

Egypt - Politics
8/8/2011 12:47:25 PM
ElBaradei supports reforms within Al-Azhar and says its independence from the state is necessary

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