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Egypt - Politics
8/3/2021 4:10:12 PM
The minister also praised the presidential initiative to examine school children to make sure that they are not suffering from anemia, dwarfism and obesity
World - International
1/16/2021 12:32:10 PM
Indian authorities hope to give shots to 300 million people, roughly the population of the U.S and several times more than its existing program that targets 26 million infants
World - International
12/30/2019 2:23:16 PM
The programme aimed to feed up to 500 orphans and infants of working mothers in the Muslim-majority country, which has high rates of child malnutrition and stunted growth
Life & Style - Health
12/1/2019 12:50:34 PM
A study of African infants infected with HIV found that treating them with powerful drugs within the first hours and days of birth helped preserve their immune systems, improving their chances of better long-term health
Life & Style - Health
9/22/2019 1:20:28 PM
Key differences between infants born vaginally and via Caesarean section found , offering clues about the development of the human immune system
Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
9/13/2019 5:03:35 PM
Reem Leila reports on the roll-out of a campaign to test the hearing abilities of newborns
Life & Style - Health
5/26/2019 3:45:12 PM
Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)is the leading genetic cause of death in infants
World - International
11/13/2015 3:13:32 PM
Life & Style - Health
3/27/2013 1:11:43 PM
Iron deficiency can have serious effects on babies. Ahram Online finds out how to spot the signs
Life & Style - Health
12/9/2012 1:22:18 PM
Australian study sheds light on potential benefits regarding the issue of male circumcision
Life & Style - Health
9/30/2012 2:18:19 PM
Kindergartners who were given "good bacteria" supplements as infants were no less likely to suffer from allergies than other kids
Life & Style - Health
8/16/2012 2:55:07 PM
Parents who search the Internet for advice on how to put their infants to sleep may often find misinformation, a new study suggests
Life & Style - Health
7/2/2012 1:10:47 PM
Even for infants born full-term, a little more time in the womb may matter, study suggests
Life & Style - Health
10/19/2011 1:38:45 AM
Putting babies to sleep on their backs on a firm crib mattress in the same room as the parents is among an list of safe sleep guidelines for infants
World - International
3/23/2011 10:59:40 AM
Japan continues to struggle with radioactive elements after the twin earthquake/tsunami disaster

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