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Egypt - Politics
8/14/2011 3:50:21 PM
Amid accusations of attempting to influence the upcoming elections, the US Assistant Secretary of State says the country draws the line at democracy-building training

Egypt - Politics
8/2/2011 12:17:30 PM
Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Egypt denied, among other things, any links between his government and Egypt's Islamists and any influence over Egypt's revolution

Egypt - Politics
7/24/2011 3:35:21 PM
The April 6th Youth Movement has issued a statement on yesterday's clashes in Abbasiya, saying protesters intentions were peaceful and rejecting accusations of foreign influences

Opinion -
7/21/2011 5:15:39 PM
The July 1952 Revolution eliminated the influence of an aristocratic elite; the January 25 Revolution does not want to eliminate, but rather restrict and regulate the influence of a new, business-oriented elite

World - Region
7/16/2011 3:33:49 PM
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the outside world cannot determine the outcome of a deadly uprising sweeping Syria

Business - Economy
5/18/2011 6:00:55 PM
Thursday address will hail Egypt's importance as a regional leader and the influence of its revolution on democratic movements

Sports - Africa
5/16/2011 9:09:13 PM
African qualifying rounds from the next World Cup tournament will be influenced by FIFA rankings

World - Region
5/16/2011 4:27:41 PM
After PM Erdogan’s assertions against President Al-Assad’s violence towards Syrian protesters, experts highlight to Ahram Online Turkey as a key influence

Arts & Culture - Music
5/11/2011 12:20:00 PM
The Egyptian band, Eftekasat speaks with Ahram Online on it’s amalgamation of Latin, Arabic, Greek and Balkan tunes before their performances on 12 and 19 May

World - Region
5/8/2011 12:30:58 PM
Bahraini authorities could not miss the opportunity to point to Iranian influence in triggering unrest in the tiny oil-rich emirate while trying activists

World - International
5/5/2011 1:59:09 PM
The energetic reaction of many young Americans to Osama bin Laden's death reflects the dark hold and influence of Al-Qaeda over their lives

World - Region
4/22/2011 12:38:40 PM
US officials to possibly leave behind 10,000 troops beyound 2011 withdrawal to prevent Iran's 'influence' in region and provide security

Arts & Culture - Film
4/21/2011 11:04:59 AM
As a tribute to Egyptian poet, Salah Jaheen’s 25th memorial, Dina Hamza’s documentary, Aswat, which follows the children of famous poets will be aired on 21 and 22 April, ONTV

Business - Economy
3/28/2011 11:02:34 AM
BBC poll shows China's influence viewed positively across Africa

Egypt - Politics
3/22/2011 1:42:50 PM
Saturday's referendum concerned articles of the constitution related to presidential elections, the presidential term and emergency law. How, then, did religion come to dominate the debate, and influence the voting?

Business - Economy
3/1/2011 11:14:04 AM
Spot gold expected to fall to $1,390 as Middle East turmoil escalates; speculators might influence market later this year. Oil above $112 a barrel

World - Region
2/24/2011 10:55:07 PM
Libya state TV calls some protesters 'terrorists' yet Gaddafi’s forces attack and kill ten protesters in Az-Zawaiyah and another three cities

Books - Review
2/15/2011 9:22:00 AM
Al-Alfy documents the oral heritage of "Gyptana" in his book, published 22 years after its completion, and raises questions about Pharaonic influences on ancient civilizations

World - Region
1/24/2011 9:21:59 PM
“Iran would be looking at what is happening to Lebanon and thinking ‘how we could use this?’” said Jon Davies, the Iran-Coordinator at the British Foreign Office to Ahram Online

Egypt - Politics
1/22/2011 7:12:53 PM
In Egypt, Amin Gemayel decries the influence of arms in Lebanese internal affairs

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