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Egypt - Politics
7/25/2013 9:46:58 PM
Two security personnel were killed, four injured in militant attack on security checkpoint in North Sinai on Thursday

World - Region
7/25/2013 4:58:46 PM
At least 7 dead and 62 injured in car bomb attack near Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday

Egypt - Politics
7/24/2013 9:38:14 PM
Tens injured as Supporters and opponents of Mohamed Morsi fight in Egypt's Damietta

Egypt - Politics
7/24/2013 3:01:02 PM
Supporters and opponents of ousted president Mohamed Morsi clash in Egypt's Nile Delta province of Menoufiya, leaving 6 injured

World - International
7/24/2013 2:58:25 PM
Montenegro's first ever gay pride parade was marred by extremist intervention; some activists were injured,the parade went on as planned

Egypt - Politics
7/24/2013 12:16:59 AM
Clashes between pro- and anti-Morsi groups in Suez on Sunday saw 127 injured

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2013 7:52:32 PM
Clashes Monday resulted in 12 dead and 86 injured; different scenarios have emerged as to who should be blamed for inciting the violence

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2013 11:56:56 AM
Popular committees increase their presence in Cairo and Giza after overnight clashes between supporters and opponents of former president Mohamed Morsi

Multimedia -
7/22/2013 9:05:53 PM
One killed and 21 injured in clashes between Morsi supporters and opponents in the vicinity of Tahrir Square

Egypt - Politics
7/22/2013 6:34:48 PM
Clashes between supporters and opponents of the ousted president leave two teenager dead, 3 injured in Qaliubiya

Egypt - Politics
7/22/2013 5:13:30 PM
Pro and anti Morsi forces face-off in Cairo, Qaliubiya and Damietta; video taken near Tahrir Square shows individuals fire shotguns; at least three confirmed dead

Egypt - Politics
7/22/2013 12:45:11 PM
Street fighting between loyalists and opponents of Egypt's toppled president Mohamed Morsi in canal city of Suez leaves over a hundred injured

Egypt - Politics
7/22/2013 9:23:05 AM
Six people are killed and 11 others injured in at least 10 attacks in Rafah and El-Arish against police stations and security and army checkpoints

Egypt - Politics
7/21/2013 6:13:24 PM
Car accident on Nile Delta road leaves 17 dead, 24 injured; injuries being treated in Wadi Al-Natroun

World - International
7/21/2013 5:46:17 PM
Four policemen and two firefighters who responded to the explosion and fire were injured in a secondary explosion

World - International
7/20/2013 3:46:44 PM
Details still hazy after evening explosion in Terminal 3 injures only the detonator, 34-year old Ji Zhongxing

Egypt - Politics
7/19/2013 8:50:24 PM
Attack latest in wave of militant activity in North Sinai following former president Mohamed Morsi's ouster on 3 July

Egypt - Politics
7/18/2013 8:36:02 PM
Unknown armed group fire at police in North Sinai, leaving three officers seriously injured

World - Region
7/17/2013 10:36:48 AM
Spillover from the fighting, including ricocheting bullets, has injured numerous civilians on the Turkish side in recent months

Egypt - Politics
7/17/2013 12:58:24 AM
Headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party in northern governorate of Daqahliya destroyed by locals in clashes

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