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9/3/2019 9:17:58 PM

Business - Economy
7/9/2019 7:52:07 PM

Egypt - Politics
12/9/2018 9:34:13 PM
At the closing ceremony of Africa 2018 (Business for Africa and the World) conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, El-Sisi announced creation of an investment fund in information technology infrastructure in Africa

Business - Economy
4/3/2014 7:02:31 PM
Sum is the remaining part of the treasury's debt to two insurance funds, one public, the other private, and will be issued as bonds over a three-year period, says finance ministry

Business - Economy
11/5/2013 7:19:45 PM
Ministry of finance admits part of the debt resulting from state borrowing of pension and insurance funds

Business - Economy
1/5/2012 3:18:43 PM
After vowing to raise pensions by 10% starting in January, officials now say decision won't be implemented for another 3 months

Egypt - Politics
10/12/2011 3:07:21 PM
After having his resignation rejected by SCAF, Minister of Finance Hazem El-Beblawi took part in a cabinet meeting discussing insurance and retirement funds

Business - Economy
9/17/2011 3:50:09 PM
With allegations abound that social insurance funds have been used in the state budget, the Egyptian Cabinet launches an investigation

Business - Economy
9/14/2011 11:44:58 AM
Historically low interest rates in developed markets might lead pension and insurance funds to invest in riskier assets, claims a forthcoming report