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World - International
1/13/2013 4:44:10 PM
France's military mounted new operation at weekend to prevent Islamist groups linked to Al-Qaeda expanding power base in Mali; Reuters offers timeline of major French military interventions in Africa over last 20 years

World - Region
1/13/2013 1:18:31 PM
Gulf state makes fresh call for Arab force to end bloodshed in Syria if current diplomatic efforts by Brahimi fail

World - International
1/12/2013 4:52:40 PM
British Prime Minister David Cameron announces his support for France's military intervention in Mali saying that he was deeply concerned about recent rebel advances

World - Region
12/6/2012 6:50:40 PM
The Syrian people, alone, can discuss and reach acceptable political solutions, far from any outbreak of violence, extremism or foreign military intervention, Lebanon's president said

World - Region
12/6/2012 1:39:28 PM
Syria's deputy foreign minister Faisal Maqdad fears that the west are using worries of the regime using chemical weapons, which the regime consistently said it would not do, as a "pretext for intervention"

World - International
12/5/2012 6:22:48 PM
UN peacekeeping chief claims military intervention in Mali to oust Islamists in the North will not take place before next Autumn

World - Region
12/5/2012 10:33:42 AM
US President Barack Obama warns Damascus of using chemical weapons against pro-democracy protesters and holds Al-Assad's regime accountable of the 'consequences'

World - Region
11/23/2012 12:19:53 PM
Russian FM Sergei Lavrov claims Turkish deployment of Patriot missiles might increase risk of NATO intervention in Syria

Egypt - Politics
11/1/2012 7:41:16 PM
Doctors' march on health ministry is rerouted to Cabinet headquarters in downtown Cairo following intervention by Egyptian security forces

World - International
10/21/2012 8:59:15 PM
Security sources reveal arrival of hundreds of jihadist fighters from different African countries to militarily back Islamist groups against expected foreign intervention in war-torn country

World - International
10/19/2012 11:24:43 AM
African and European leaders meet in Mali to discuss the required logistics of reimposing control on the country's northern desert from Islamist militias as the UN Security Council gave the green light for military intervention

World - Region
10/15/2012 8:23:14 PM
Manama summons the Iranian charge d'affaires Mahdi Islami to express its rejection of Tehran 'interference in the kingdom's internal affairs' during last year's crackdown on Shiite protesters

World - International
10/14/2012 12:10:23 PM
Rebel groups allied with Al-Qaeda, which seized control of north Mali, say French President Hollande put lives of hostages in danger by supporting military intervention in the country

World - International
10/11/2012 1:30:03 PM

Egypt -
10/1/2012 9:14:30 PM
Claims by a president Morsi aide that Egypt is mulling an Arab intervention in Syria cause Assad regime TV to fire back

Egypt - Politics
9/30/2012 10:02:25 PM
Spokesman for presidency dismisses earlier reports that Egypt was considering Qatari proposal for Arab military intervention in Syria

Egypt - Politics
9/30/2012 4:55:55 PM
Qatar, Egypt to discuss proposal for Arab-Turkish military intervention in Syria, says aide to President Morsi

World - Region
9/27/2012 3:58:17 PM
Analysts dismiss Doha's call for Arab military intervention in Syria, saying Arab states lack necessary military capabilities for such a venture

World - Region
9/25/2012 8:08:16 PM
Condemnations of Assad marked the opening day of the UN General Assembly of world leaders, as the conflict passes 18 months and the international community remains deadlocked over how to end the bloodshed

Egypt - The Balance Sheet
9/25/2012 1:03:47 PM
President Mohamed Morsi says he opposes foreign military intervention in Syria but believes Assad must go, during interview with US media

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