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Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
3/10/2020 8:06:59 PM
A new feminine model of political leadership is promising to transform traditional models of power and authority, writes Dina Shehata

World - International
8/9/2016 11:00:03 AM

World - International
6/1/2016 6:54:47 PM

Life & Style - Style
12/16/2015 10:15:59 AM
Known as the "Iron Lady", Thatcher was Britain's longest-serving prime minister of the 20th century

Books - World
4/24/2013 3:53:33 PM
Authorised biography of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher hits bookshops, revealing an intimate side to the Iron Lady, including her first unflattering impressions of future husband Denis

Egypt - Politics
4/18/2013 1:55:31 PM
Carmen Weinstein, Egypt’s Jewish Iron Lady, is remembered with much admiration by those who knew her

World - International
4/17/2013 12:19:35 PM
The streets of London witnesses the funeral of Britain's 'Iron Lady' on Wednesday

Opinion -
4/10/2013 2:27:15 PM
The death of Britain's 'Iron Lady' allows room for debate over the success or failure of her domestic and foreign policies

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
4/8/2013 9:28:34 PM
Cultural backlash to the policies of Britain's 'Iron Lady' amounted to a veritable revolution in the UK's art scene, says author of book on Thatcher's legacy

World - International
4/8/2013 7:18:28 PM
Famous quotes from political life of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's only woman prime minister who died Monday at age of 87

World - International
4/8/2013 5:31:30 PM
World leaders pay tribute to the memory of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's former prime minister and 'Iron Lady'

Multimedia -
4/8/2013 2:43:41 PM

World - International
4/8/2013 2:22:15 PM
Margaret Thatcher, the 'Iron Lady' who dominated British politics for two decades, dies on Monday following stroke; she was 87

World - International
12/30/2011 2:55:47 PM
New files show that ex-British PM Margaret Thatcher had spent almost £7,250 of refitting Number 10 Downing Street after she took office in 1979, coming as a scandal for Britain's Iron Lady

Egypt - Politics
6/25/2011 3:49:00 PM
The infamous Hoda Abdel-Moneim was handed a prison sentence Saturday after evading Egyptian justice for more than two decades