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World - International
10/20/2013 11:02:22 AM
The death toll from the quake that shook the tourist island of Bohol is likely to approach 200

World - International
10/16/2013 11:27:24 AM
Rescue workers continue search in isolated communities on Philippine island as death toll from Tuesday's 7.1-magnitude earthquake rises

World - International
10/5/2013 12:41:43 PM
Typhoon Fitow expected to hit Japan's southern island chain of Okinawa on Saturday then head northwest towards Taiwan and China, causing flight cancellations and power outages

World - International
10/3/2013 9:23:24 PM
A boat carrying 500 East African asylum seekers caught fire on Thursday off coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa, leaving 130 dead and at least 200 still missing

World - International
10/3/2013 11:55:53 AM
Some on Japan's left are uneasy at the idea of a more active military and the subject raises hackles in China, which accuses Tokyo of mulling a return to the militarism of World War II

World - International
10/3/2013 11:28:11 AM
The accident was the latest in a series of recent drownings involving migrants near the Italian coast

World - International
9/27/2013 5:53:52 PM
Disputed territory in China, Japan's shared waters complicates efforts for dialogue between the two countries

World - International
9/27/2013 4:00:15 PM
Boat carrying some 120 asylum seekers from Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen sinks in treacherous waters en route to Australia's Christmas Island

Business - Economy
9/27/2013 12:35:34 PM
Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris is buying beachfront property in Grenada, meets with Caribbean island's PM

World - International
9/25/2013 3:48:50 PM
In the latest disaster to strike Pakistan, powerful quake leaves 270 dead, over 300,000 affected, and a new island formed; rescue missions responding by recovering bodies from underneath the rubble

World - International
9/25/2013 1:23:09 PM

World - International
9/21/2013 12:19:06 PM
North Korea calls off indefinitely reunions of separated relatives from the time of the Korean War, due to be held in four days' time, leaving families devastated

Sports - World
9/19/2013 6:41:16 PM
The $1 billion project has been halted

World - International
9/15/2013 3:46:23 PM
Costa Concordia, which ran aground in January 2012, will be raised on Monday

World - International
9/15/2013 10:36:11 AM
Indonesia's authorities evacuate more than 3,000 people from areas within a three-kilometre radius of volcano erupted on Sumatra island

World - International
9/12/2013 12:28:39 PM
Muslim Moro are the largest non-Christian group in the Philippines, making up around 10 percent the country's 97 million people

Egypt - Politics
9/8/2013 3:12:45 PM
A stork once detained by Egyptian authorities on suspicion of being a winged spy has been found dead on an island in the Nile

Egypt - Politics
8/22/2013 9:42:55 PM
Egyptian court orders military to depart from Cairo's Al-Qursaya Island cancelling Mubarak decree on land use

World - International
8/19/2013 1:22:41 PM
Status of Pacific islands stands in the way of reconciliation between Russia and Japan; negotiations restarted

World - International
8/19/2013 1:19:58 PM
Indonesian security forces hunt for a group of inmates who escaped from an overcrowded jail on Sumatra island

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