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Egypt - Society
7/11/2024 3:07:22 PM
Under the title “Cables, Novels and Nobels,” the Journey of Diplomacy and Literature symposium discusses the writings of Egyptian and Italian diplomats and Nobel laureates.

Sports - Multimedia
7/10/2024 12:04:01 AM

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/2/2024 2:13:00 PM
Interdisciplinary artist Khaled Hafez takes the public on a journey to a mythical world where real characters and superheroes intertwine through his exhibition “The Illustrated History of the Mundane: Laboratory Function Tests.”

World - War in Sudan
6/26/2024 4:58:00 PM
Doctors in eastern Sudan say Mohammed al-Juneid's wife, displaced and diagnosed with cancer, needs treatment elsewhere in the war-torn country. But the road is long and dangerous, and the journey expensive.

Business - Markets & Companies
6/23/2024 2:40:43 PM
Between April 20-27, 2024, Hangzhou, China, witnessed a convergence of Africa’s brightest entrepreneurial minds. The Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) Prize Competition, an initiative by the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Philanthropy, played host to 40 participants, including top 10 Heroes, finalists and partners from across the continent.

Sports - World
6/14/2024 11:59:43 AM
Hosts Germany kick off Euro 2024 on Friday in Munich against Scotland, the start of a journey the three-time continental champions hope will conclude with victory in the final in Berlin on July 14.

Sports - Omni sports
5/21/2024 9:41:30 AM
So much about the journey the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers have taken to the Eastern Conference finals has been about what – or specifically who – they haven’t had to face to get to here.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Sports
5/7/2024 9:54:51 PM

Arts & Culture - Music
5/4/2024 2:20:18 PM
It took over 26 hours to travel from Kyiv to Malmo, a journey Ukraine's Eurovision contestants say was imperative to make their country "visible" in the song contest overshadowed by Israel's participation.

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
4/18/2024 1:10:38 PM
Glimpses of Fear is Hanaa Nakhla's inaugural solo exhibition at the Hanager Art Centre (Cairo Opera grounds), showcasing not just creative works but also symbolizing a unique journey of self-discovery and conquering fears.

Life & Style - Health
4/17/2024 11:20:16 PM
Ahram online talks to experts about the intricate layers of grief and guidance into the individual journey of hardship.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
4/16/2024 8:09:54 PM
Two decades after the US invasion, Iraq is forging ahead on a new journey that may risk throwing the country into the unknown.

Egypt - Politics
4/6/2024 9:50:00 PM
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi thanked Egyptians for persevering against difficult circumstances to continue the journey toward progress and development.

Life & Style - Health
4/5/2024 1:03:09 PM
A single and independent woman shares an account of her journey for “adoption” and her concerns for the future of her “adopted” son.

World - War in Sudan
3/25/2024 12:52:58 PM
Sameh Makki's soup kitchen is barely 100 metres from the market, but it can take two hours to make the journey through Sudan's war-torn streets, often through hails of bullets.

Egypt - Tourism
3/25/2024 12:50:55 PM
The Croatian national team led by Real Madrid's star Luka Modric, amid their participation in the Cairo Cup Football Championship in Egypt, embarked on a unique cultural journey to the Giza Plateau to explore ancient Egyptian wonders.

Multimedia - In Pictures
3/16/2024 1:28:35 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Living
3/5/2024 9:25:08 PM
Architect Menna H. Ashour visits the renovated architectural heritage of Downtown Cairo with its bustling streets, culture, and community during the Cairo Design Week

Sports - Egyptian Football
3/2/2024 5:22:35 PM
Pyramids FC, already eliminated from the group stage of the CAF Champions League, concluded their journey in the continental tournament with a 2-2 draw against Nouadhibou of Mauritania in the final round on Saturday.

World - War in Sudan
2/29/2024 11:46:23 AM
A new truck arrives in the South Sudanese town of Renk, packed with dozens of elderly men, women and children, their exhausted faces betraying the strain of their traumatic journey out of war-ravaged Sudan.

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