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World - International
9/27/2011 1:48:01 PM
10 individuals appeal prison sentences given for rioters and riot inciters in England
Egypt - Politics
9/26/2011 8:36:39 PM
Judge's gag order fails to prevent the appearance online of what activists believe is the field-marshal's testimony in Mubarak case
Business - Economy
9/25/2011 6:59:25 PM
Administrative court says the three companies restored to public ownership last week had been acquired in questionable, non-transparent ways
Egypt - Politics
9/25/2011 2:30:05 PM
Lawyers' request for recusal of judges in Mubarak's trial raises fears that the field-marshal's testimony was less damning than expected
Egypt - Politics
9/24/2011 5:04:14 PM
Court suspends trial sessions of Egypt's deposed president Mubarak until it rules on a recusal motion
Egypt - Politics
9/21/2011 6:10:10 PM
SCAF enters war of words with top judge regarding validity of emergency law extension
World - International
9/17/2011 2:52:09 PM
Two American hiker convicted for spying in Iran need only a signature from a 'missing' judge before their release can be processed
Egypt - Politics
9/17/2011 11:02:12 AM
A Spanish judge will soon decide whether to allow extradition of Hussein Salem, the Egyptian businessman accused of corruption; meanwhile Egyptians in Spain plan a protest to press for his extradition
Egypt - Politics
9/14/2011 2:54:59 PM
After ex-MP Mortada Mansour yelled at a witness, the judge bans him from the court in the trial against high officials who allegedly ordered the killing of peaceful protesters during the Battle of the Camel
Sports - World
9/13/2011 7:26:03 PM
A Brazilian judge has stopped building work to renovate and expand Brazil’s largest airport for the 2014 World Cup
Egypt - Politics
9/12/2011 1:44:00 PM
Although yesterday the judge banned media from recording the premeditated conspiracy to commit murder trial of high officials in the Battle of the Camel, a large screen was installed in the courtroom to show evidence
Egypt - Politics
9/12/2011 12:19:06 PM
Journalists and reporters voice disgruntlement when barred from entering court, Judge had already prevented live TV coverage
Egypt - Politics
9/11/2011 3:29:42 PM
The first ruling the judge made in the trial against high officials for premeditated conspiracy to murder of protesters was to ban broadcasting from the courtroom
Egypt - Politics
9/7/2011 7:38:43 PM
The latest session of the Mubarak trial is adjourned till tomorrow, while the trial judge calls on Tantawi, Annan, Suleiman and interior ministers Essawy and Wagdy to come forward with testimony
World - International
9/6/2011 3:11:16 PM
In an attempt to increase public support for its justice system, British officials consider televising criminal court proceedings, while several judges fear such a decision could possibly turn the courts into a "theater"
Sports - World
9/6/2011 1:50:36 PM
Mohamed bin Hammam claims FIFA would not have convicted him of bribery, nor banned him permanently him from football if he was European
Egypt - Politics
9/5/2011 6:25:37 PM
Egypt - Politics
9/5/2011 12:32:40 PM
According to eyewitnesses, clashes have erupted inside the Mubarak trial courtroom between the defendants and victims' lawyers, resulting in six injures and judge ended the session
World - Region
8/25/2011 2:13:07 PM
In the absence of a precise penal code, Saudis face the possibility of arbitrary detention and are subject to the whims of judges in special courts as well as security officers
World - International
8/24/2011 5:02:29 PM
As the judge drops all sex charges against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, women's rights advocates decry the message this send to victims of sexual violence
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