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Egypt - Politics
3/23/2018 11:28:34 AM
The Governor of North Sinai speaks to Ahmed Eleiba, Al-Ahram Weekly’s correspondent, about government efforts to maintain services and maintain development projects during Operation Sinai 2018

Egypt - Politics
3/13/2018 9:22:00 AM
Sameh Shoukry also pledged Egypt's support for South Sudan's health sector during the inauguration of a new kidney center

Life & Style - Health
10/3/2017 7:30:20 PM

Egypt - Politics
9/25/2017 12:30:37 PM
Egyptian citizen Abdel Ati died in hospital of heart disease and kidney dysfunction, say doctors

Sports - World
8/2/2017 12:13:52 PM

Life & Style - Health
6/8/2016 11:17:59 AM
This would already be a great step forward compared to conventional in-(clinic) hemodialysis three times a week

Sports - World
2/8/2016 9:48:00 PM
Barcelona says Lionel Messi is to undergo medical tests to assess a recurrence of kidney problems

Sports - Omni sports
1/12/2016 1:14:00 PM
Dixit will seek alternate sponsorship options to play on, the 22-year-old reneges on threat to sell organ for funds

Sports - World
11/13/2015 7:47:22 PM

Sports - Africa
10/10/2015 8:42:04 PM

Egypt - Features
4/9/2015 1:29:08 PM
Abdel-Rahman Ahmad Selim, 4, needs a series of operations on his bladder and kidney

Life & Style - Health
4/2/2015 10:48:59 AM

Life & Style - Health
1/18/2015 9:43:41 AM
Scientists struggle to understand what is causing this deadly kidney disease

Sports - Omni Sports
1/5/2015 12:38:32 PM

Sports - World
12/9/2014 3:09:41 PM
Pele underwent surgery to remove kidney stones on Nov. 13

Sports - World
11/13/2014 6:19:22 PM

Egypt - Politics
10/9/2014 4:20:22 PM
Ahmed Douma, who is serving a three-year sentence for breaking the protest law, has been in hospital since Wednesday to receive treatment for a severe kidney condition

Egypt - Politics
5/14/2014 10:26:49 AM
Al-Jazeera journalist Abdullah El-Shamy is suffering from 'anaemia, the start of kidney failure, low blood pressure and hypoglycaemia' after being on hunger strike for over 100 days, his brother says

World - Region
1/4/2014 12:42:59 PM

World - International
10/18/2013 12:57:18 PM
Apple's products are wildly popular in China, where a teenager sold his kidney and used the funds to buy an iPhone and iPad in an incident in 2012

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