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Business - Economy
6/29/2013 2:04:45 PM
Though the security situation remains uncertain, HSBC Egypt restores normal daily cash withdrawal limits after cutting them temporarily Friday

Business - Economy
6/28/2013 4:57:05 PM
A major bank in Egypt, HSBC limits daily cash withdrawals and deposits as pro- and anti-government protests grip major Egyptian cities

Sports - World
5/27/2013 2:14:45 PM
Sepp Blatter urges voters in the general assembly not to list age in the criteria for candidacies saying 'it's not about him'

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/24/2013 12:00:00 AM
The importance of art and literature is heightened in the context of occupation, discuss Ramallah-based visual artist Shuruq Harb and author of ‘In Ramallah, Running,’ Guy Mannes-Abbott at Art Dubai's Global Art Forum

World - International
3/16/2013 8:07:03 PM
Vote counting underway on new constitution which would put in place term limits and restrict presidential powers

Business - Economy
3/4/2013 3:26:52 PM
The new regulation puts a limit on the number of local shares that can be changed to Global Depositary Reciepts certificates

Egypt - Politics
2/13/2013 9:04:41 PM
Egypt's cabinet agrees on new draft legislation placing some limits on protests; justice minister says police can't ban demonstrations

World - Region
12/13/2012 12:00:06 PM
An IAEA technical team is in Iran for closed-door sessions with Iranian officials; Parchin site off-limits, says Tehran

Sports - Africa
10/18/2012 8:27:51 PM
Cameroon's former coach Denis Lavagne describes his successor Jean Paul Akono as 'incapable' for his post and slams skipper Samuel Eto'o who 'surpasses his limits' as a player

Sports - World
10/17/2012 3:02:12 PM
New disciplinary code sees FA put limits on Twitter use for England players ahead of matches

Egypt - Politics
9/13/2012 1:40:44 PM
Episcopal Bishop Mounir Hanna denounces insults directed at Prophet Mohamed, offers sympathy to Muslims, calls for limits to freedom of expression

Sports - World
8/29/2012 1:14:17 PM
FIFA president Blatter opposed to age limits for FIFA officials

Egypt - Politics
8/12/2012 12:55:24 AM
Several activists who are critical of Al-Dostour newspaper for its anti-revolutionaries stances criticise a decision to silence the paper, worry that the Brotherhood is reincarnating Mubarak-style limits on freedom of the press

World - Region
8/7/2012 12:23:44 PM
Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi issues a decree for the reconstruction of some military units with the aim of limiting the powers of the ex-President's son and ending the state of security chaos in the country

Business - Economy
8/1/2012 4:11:35 PM
Several Spanish regions refuse to accept the central government’s clampdown on their finances raising suspicions over Spain’s ability to meet its deficit targets

London 2012 - News
7/17/2012 1:56:12 PM
The motto of the Olympics -- "Faster, Higher, Stronger" -- paints a picture of relentless athletic record-breaking

World - Region
7/16/2012 12:48:51 AM
Opposition fighters battled Syrian government forces in Damascus on Sunday in what residents described as the fiercest fighting yet inside the city limits of the capital

World - Region
6/21/2012 6:04:25 PM
Turkey's Islamist AKP government drops plans for a debatable bill introduced by its parliamentary majority that reduces abortion limits following protests initiated by thousands of women and activists

Business - Economy
6/7/2012 4:42:03 PM
Move signals renewed confidence in banks as liquidity crisis prompted by the civil war appears to ease

World - International
6/7/2012 11:34:53 AM
Pakistan must take action against Haqqani network safe havens in North Waziristan, says US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta

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