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9/10/2011 2:55:03 PM
The governor of Cairo has opened the first Arab Book Fair, organized in El-Gezira Park in front of the Cairo Opera House

Multimedia -
7/4/2011 2:19:58 PM
Ahram Online is proud to announce to count renowned Egyptian artist Helmi El Touni among its contributors. Below is a sample of his work published exclusively on this site, in the Folk section

Folk - Street Smart
6/30/2011 5:15:23 PM
Seif Ibn Zi Yazan, a Yemeni king, was predestined to greatness; Even before he was born, soothsayers were chanting his life in verse attributed to none other than Noah, the biblical figure himself

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6/26/2011 3:26:23 PM
Yesterday, the state awards winners were announced, and Ahmed Ragab won the prestigious Nile Award by majority vote

Folk - Street Smart
6/6/2011 12:37:14 PM
The classic epic of real-life-figure-turned-hero al-Zahir Beibars describes a struggle between the good and the bad during the 300-year reign of the mighty Mamluk generals

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5/26/2011 6:20:40 PM
Nizar Abdul Sattar's The Americans in My House, published recently, sparked much attention in literary and cultural circles in Iraq

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5/17/2011 5:41:45 PM
Journalists of the famous weekly periodical went on strike in March until their previous managing editor, Mostafa Abdalla, was replaced today by Abla El-Roweyni

Folk - Street Smart
4/4/2011 9:54:01 AM
One of the best-known tales of street-wise tricksters in popular literature, the story of Ali al-Zeibaq, or Ali the Mercury Man, unfolds in the ninth or tenth century

Folk - Street Smart
4/3/2011 3:28:56 PM
This is the only complete oral history of an Arab folk heroine, beginning with her birth and ending with her death

Books - Review
3/13/2011 3:23:16 PM
Taj Al-Sirr's novel offers insights into modern Sudanese literature and has the highest chance of winning the Arabic Booker

Books -
3/2/2011 11:58:16 AM
Afaf Tabbala won for children’s literature, Chinese national, Professor Chun JiKon won Cultural Personality of the Year. Others include author of ‘Lebanese War’ and translator of ‘Revolutionary Wealth’

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2/28/2011 2:23:38 PM
From New York to Tahrir to Alexandria, a joyous journey of rediscovering a collectivity

Egypt - Politics
2/26/2011 5:09:28 PM
Gaber Asfour returns, first, the position of Egyptian minister of culture and shortly after, the Gaddafi International Award for Literature, claiming he couldn’t keep a prize “bearing the name of a killer”

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2/15/2011 3:43:18 PM
A review of Arabic writing in light of the revolution

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12/11/2010 4:46:13 PM
Egyptian novelist wins AUC Press' Naguib Mafouz Medal for Literature for her novel "Brooklyn Heights" The winning book grapples with the issue Egyptians immigration to the West and the search for oneself

Books - Review
12/11/2010 11:38:14 AM
The announcement of the shortlist for the 2011 Arabic Booker prize was received with a warm welcome despite missing some prominent names

Folk - Street Smart
11/27/2010 11:30:36 AM
Say a prayer for the splendid prophet. Once upon a time, there was a man called al-Fawwal (bean seller), who had two daughters.

Books -
11/26/2010 1:47:50 PM
Samia Mehrez explores the representation of the city in modern Egyptian literature

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